Genre: Military Sci-Fi | Space Colonization | Space Marines


Your Next Military Sci-Fi Adventure!

Humanity's greatest project had begun over a century ago. To begin the process of turning another planetary body into “Earth II” with new game-changing terraforming technology. With ever-more powerful space engines, our solar system grew smaller and smaller. With the wealth and prosperity from the Golden Age of asteroid space mining, why shouldn't we create our own worlds?

Josh Halley joined the USS Army right out of high school to be a part of the project on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. He commanded the cosmoship jointly with the Navy to be among the first humans to turn wild fiction into amazing reality. Navy were the scientists and Army were the soldiers. Both were blessed to make history and plant the Earth Alliance flag on Titan's surface.

But nothing in Halley’s combat training could have prepared him for what was to come. Humans had stopped warring with each other on Earth so many decades ago. But it seemed it was about to start all over again in deep space–with Halley and the crew of their “tiny” spaceship called the Tyson in the center of all.

New series for Military Sci-Fi fans. Scientists lead, soldiers defend. Earth's first off-world colony will be born!