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In this COVID-19 world, here’s a sci-fi novel for you straight from my science fiction detective thriller series. Yes, Liquid Cool #7–BioPunk Blues. It came out last year, June 2019, and was kind of my homage to the British sci-fi series Dr. WHO–which, in my opinion, ended with the exit of actor Matt Smith. In this novel, both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC are in the center of the mystery.

Biopunk street gangs, shady international government agencies, underworld bio-pirates, and corporate bio-terrorists are all on the loose in Metropolis! Did we mention the citywide quarantines too? For this one, he’ll need his entire team. But can Cruz solve the case before becoming a biological victim to some designer plague virus himself?

So, if you're looking for plenty of action, hovercars, cyborgs, surprises, and lots of laughs, and missed this novel, then spend some time with our favorite sci-fi detective, Cruz.

Here are some of the chapters:

Chap. 36 – WHO Dat
Chap. 39 – One Crazy WHO
Chap. 40 – Mr. WHO
Chap. 51- Afraid of WHO
Chap. 52 – WHO's Men
Chap. 57 – Don't Make WHO Angry.

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