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August 2019 Theme: The Latest Liquid Cool Novels New Releases!

BioPunk Blues (Liquid Cool, Book 7) Available Now

The seventh Liquid Cool novel is available at all your favorite online retailers.

Biopunk street gangs, shady international government agencies, underworld bio-pirates, and corporate bio-terrorists are all on the loose in Metropolis! For this one, he’ll need his entire team. But can Cruz solve the case before becoming a biological victim himself?

The Moon Is a Good Place to Die (Liquid Cool, Book 8) Available Now

“Cruz, you’re under arrest for murder!”

This time the Sci-Fi Detective Series leaves Earth behind.

Cruz has been framed for murder and Metro PD is after him. The victim wasn’t just a client. He’s the heir of a wealthy off-world dynasty and they want revenge—against him. Why won’t anyone believe that he didn’t do it?

But Cruz knows who framed him. He fought the man—if that’s what you can call him—for his very life. No matter how long it takes, what violence must ensue, he’ll chase down this Three-Armed Man wherever the trail takes him. This time the client is himself, and he has no intention of letting him down.

Cruz travels far beyond the supercity of Metropolis in this case to the Lunar Colonies above, where the average resident is richer than anyone on Earth. Visiting the Moon for vacation might be relaxing, but dodging laser blasts is no fun at all. The Moon Is a Good Place to Die—as long as it’s not him!

Write Me a Murder on Jules Verne’s Island: A Sci-Fi Cozy Mystery Novel (Liquid Cool, Book9)

This time Cruz and family are off to the exclusive, secluded, French-Caribbean Jules Verne’s island for a long overdue holiday. Luck has smiled upon the Cruz family—Cruz, his wife, Dot, and the two kids, Cruz Jr. and Kat. A free vacation during the very weeks the island is shut down for an annual writers’ retreat for the top sci-fi authors of Earth. Free! Why didn’t Cruz and family run away when they had the chance?

No vacation's allowed for our famous private eye. There's been a murder. So it's Cozy Mystery time–Liquid Cool style!

It’s supposed a nice, quiet, relaxing vacation for the family. So there shouldn’t be plenty of action, surprises, thrills, and laughs in this sci-fi/cyberpunk novel. But there is!

Coming this month!

Digital Samurai (Liquid Cool, From the Crazy Maniac Files, Book 2)

Cruz enters the secret deadly world of corporate espionage and warfare. Corporate soldiers, cyborg soldiers, samurai soldiers, and digital samurai. Two sinister megacorporations are locked in a final battle to destroy each other. Cruz is hired by an assassin rumored to travel through the Net to find and kill her targets. But why would THE DIGITAL SAMURAI need a detective?

Put on your raincoat, grab your laser gun, and let’s get into the crazy world of Liquid Cool.

You can also see the entire Liquid Cool series HERE


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