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National Novel Writing Month

Begins Nov. 1st and ends on the 30th.

This year, I’ve released two Fabled Quest Chronicles novels—Quest Master (the prequel) and The Forest of Ancients, Book 4. What’s coming next?

I’ll admit this COVID-19, the protests, and political climate is wearing me down. Creatives can’t help to be affected by nonstop negative energies all the time. And for, I can’t stand seeing so many people fearful and concern about their future, their family, and the country. We have so many elected officials local to national who act like they know what they’re doing when they don’t. Stay home and never come out, many said, unless you want to protest or loot or burn down a store.

There have always been forces that tried to tear down our country, but they're so much bolder today and the “masses,” sadly, are far more timid. I live in one of the “hot zones” (also known as Los Angeles) for the madness, but more on all that another time.

We’re all about writing, reading, and fun escapism enjoyment here! I have books to write. You have books to read. And we get to exchange comments in between.

Fabled Quest Chronicles:

Siren Storms of Madness (Book 5) is done! I’ll finish Volume One of the series with Book 6 this year too.

Liquid Cool:

Yes, yes, and yes. I already know the stories for Liquid Cool 10!


I can’t help it. I have to write some kind of dystopian novel about all this COVID-19 stuff.

And that little horror novel I’ve put off for a year or two.

Let's see how much I can complete this month.

Stay healthy, happy and safe!

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