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Sub-genres: Cyberpunk/Cyber-noir
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Fabled Quest Chronicles

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The Sleepy Hollow Horrors

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The After Eden Series

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Sub-genres: Religious Science Fiction
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Last month was the release of my latest novel in my epic fantasy, Fabled Quest Chronicles series with Siren Storms of Madness (Book 5). What's next?

Back in Aug 2016, I did a one-month “writer's retreat.” My popular sci-detective series, Liquid Cool, was born. This time my writer's retreat will be for 90 days.

I probably told you the story in the past. Back in the '90s, I lived for a year in Paris, France. As a creative with dreams of traveling the world to see exotic places, I couldn't be happier. During the month of August, there's the “grand vacances” (great vacation), or precisely, “les grandes vacances” (the big holiday). Seemingly every Parisian leaves the city and all that's left are tourists. I had fun back then with the run of the city, along with all us other travelers.

But if I were to do that again, I would have used the Grandes Vacances for another reason: uninterrupted writing. At a cafe, a cathedral, a museum, or sitting looking out at the Eiffel Tower, I'd let my fingers run wild on the keyboard.

Well, I don't need to be in a foreign county to write. Twenty-five books in eight years without breaking a sweat. So I'm going to have my imaginary writing retreat right here, and right now. In fact, instead of one month, it'll be three!

Let’s see what I come up with. VIP Readers' Club Members check your email for what's coming. It's big!

Giveaway Winner Announced
Thanks to all our participants in our last giveaway — Beneath Siren Storms of Madness Kindle and Books Giveaway. Congratulations to our winner Frances T.! Enjoy your Kindle Paperwhite and books.

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