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March 2019 Theme: Re-launch of Liquid Cool #5!

New Cover for I, Alien Hunter

It’s done! I finished Liquid Cool, Book 7 last week, but I’m not done. I struggled with Book 7 because, at first, I thought it might be lacking in the humor department which fans of the series expect. However, it has plenty. After a couple of days off, I jumped right into writing Book 8. The reason for the re-launch of Book 5 is that our “famous” detective will find himself off-world again to solve his case. Finally, I’ll move to Book 9 for a cozy murder mystery Liquid Cool style. If you’re a member of my VIP Readers’ Club, you’ll also get an advance of the Name Reveals!

Now for the cover of I, Alien Hunter (Liquid Cool, Book 5). To be honest, I never did like the old cover all that much. It always looked more like a cartoon cover to me. I loved the reflective water on the ground, but not how the character appeared. When the cover for Book 6 came out, the Book 5 cover didn’t seem to match the other Liquid Cool covers even more. When you’re both the publisher and author, you can change things whenever you want, so I did. Below is the new cover.


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Covers: Old and New


Old Cover:

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