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May 2021 Theme (NEW RELEASE): Siren Storms of Madness!

The next installment of my epic fantasy Fabled Quest Chronicles, Siren Storms of Madness (Book 5), will be released May 4th! You can pre-order at the special limited sale price HERE.

Last year, readers had both Book 4 (Forest of the Ancients) and the series prequel (Quest Master: The Boy Who Would Be) In Sirens Storms of Madness, all 500 pages, Titan's Caravan has made it to the Great Oceans but before is a realm more vast than Faë-Land Minor and Major combined. The danger is far greater because most of the predators lie hidden below the surface among depths that rival the chasm of Titan's Bridge.

Many fans have been especially giddy with the vast array of mythical and legendary beasts and creatures that the caravan has encountered along Titan's Trail. Keep in mind that most of these fantastic creatures–good, evil, and all in-between–were not invented by me, but are part of a vast mythical history going back centuries and even millennia. The series is pulling primarily from European myths, but there are a few from Russia, Asia, and Africa.

Though Titan's Caravan will leave land behind for harrowing travel aboard a ship, there will be no leaving behind the many creatures of the magical lands. Those that run, slither, and burrow will be replaced by those that swim, leap from the water, and even fly. Sea serpents, krakens (yes, you read right–more than one!), and more await our travelers. However, blessed are the members of the caravan, indeed, because their caravan master has traveled it all before, also training under various fae ship captains.

The Fabled Quest Chronicles will continue…across the Oceans of Faë-Land Omnis, their oceans greater than all others in the magical lands, straight to the kingdom of Atlantea.

See the Fabled Quest Chronicles page HERE

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