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February 2019 Theme: Liquid Cool Coming!

A new and exciting 2019!

It’s the beginning of Year 7 for me as an indie author with 19 published titles. Last year was a great year and I broke a few milestones with sales and the release of a new series in a new genre. What’s the plan for 2019? With so much planned, the best way to answer is to tell you what’s upcoming. Liquid Cool will be up first with the next three novels, followed by the next three novels of my Fabled Quest Chronicles. After that, there will be some big surprises so let’s just leave it there.

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Upcoming 2019 Titles

In my most recent survey of my VIP Readers’ Club, I asked what genre or books they’d like to see me write. Now, it doesn’t mean that I'll write them. With four series live and another two planned, I have plenty to keep me busy. However, I was really intrigued by the responses. Here were the most popular answers:

  • More Liquid Cool!
  • Cyberpunk
  • Urban fantasy
  • Epic fantasy
  • More Sci-Fi
  • Mysteries
  • Anything I write

Here were some notable mentions: Space Opera, Time Travel, Historical Fiction, Steampunk, YA Fantasy, Dragons, Horror, Zombies.

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The Liquid Cool Series

Genres: Science Fiction/Mystery Detective
Sub-genres: Cyberpunk/Cyber-noir
9 Books so far

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The After Eden Series

Genres: Science Fiction/International Thriller
Sub-genres: Religious Science Fiction
9 Books so far

See the Series Page HERE

Fabled Quest Chronicles

Genres: Epic Fantasy/Fantasy Adventure
Sub-genres: Sword & Sorcery / Mythological Creatures / Myths & Legends
3 Books so far

See the Series Page HERE.

The Sleepy Hollow Horrors

Genres: Classic Horror
Sub-genres: Paranormal/Superstition/Folklore
2 Books so far

See the Series Page HERE