In the prequel, before we even meet our hero detective, we see his first case and meet his first villain, a “unique” psycho cyborg known as Red.

Meet Cruz, our private eye with a cool hat, laser gun, and attitude. A mix of sci-fi noir, the private detective thriller, and laughs!

This villain is so dangerous the off-worlders would blow up a city from space to kill him…and now he’s after Cruz.

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful,” she said to him. Has Cruz met his supervillain match in NeuroDancer?

Over 1,000 pages includes These Mean Streets, Darkly (prequel), Liquid Cool (Book 1), Blade Gunner (Book 2) and NeuroDancer (Book 3)!

Our sci-fi detective travels from the concrete wastelands outside Metropolis across the Great Ocean to London Prime (that’s what they call it in the future). And someone has found a way to kill people in virtual reality–for real.

Our private detective, Cruz, has dealt with all kinds of criminal crazies—full human, cyborgs and robots—and even crazier clients. But he has never had to deal with…extraterrestrials.

The biggest caper in Metropolis history? Cruz has tangled with some of the most dangerous, cunning, and sinister criminals around. But this case is even bigger? Maybe we should have left A.I. as science fiction. 

Nearly 1,000 pages includes The Electric Sheep Massacre (Book 4), I, Alien Hunter (Book 5) and A.I. Confidential (Book 6)!

What does bio-terrorism have to do with a Metropolis street detective? Biopunk street gangs, shady international government agencies, underworld bio-pirates, and corporate bio-terrorists.

Cruz has been framed for murder and Metro PD is after him. The victim wasn’t just a client. He’s the heir of a wealthy off-world dynasty and they want revenge—against him. Why won’t anyone believe that he didn’t do it?

Can you combine the Sci-Fi Detective Series with the Cozy Murder Mystery? Liquid Cool can! It was supposed to be a nice, quiet, relaxing family vacation. But there’ll be none for our famous private eye. There's been a murder.

Over 1,000 pages include Biopunk Blues (Book 7), The Moon Is a Good Place to Die (Book 8) and Write Me a Murder on Jules Verne’s Island (Book 9)!


The Storm of the Century is coming. But will it be enough to wash away all the blood. Fear the cyborgs and the legend known as Classic Cyborg.

In the shadowy world of the megacorporations there’s a rumor of a cyber-assassin like no other. But why would The Digital Samurai need a detective?


It is a journey like no other through unimaginable dangers, both mortal and magical, of men and monsters, by day and night—all to reach the limitless riches of the magic kingdom of Atlantea.

They escaped the treachery and dark magic, but not without losses. They cross beyond the Lands of Man into the Lands Between, and into Faë-Land Minor—the lands of fairies, sprites, and giants.

To the lands of elves, fauns, centaurs, and goblins! But nothing is ever simple in such a long quest, and in the Lands of Magic, less so. They escaped the Four Kings but not their war wizards.

Begin the epic fantasy adventure Fabled Quest Chronicles with over 1,500 pages of action, suspense, intrigue, magic and encounters with mythological races and creatures you always wished you’d seen. Get the first three novels in one box set!

The Fabled Quest Chronicles continues —but what monsters and magic await in the Great Forest? Giant beasts and mythical creatures—either beautiful or evil, either harmless or horrific.

The epic fantasy adventure series continues with warrior mermaids, storm-summoning sirens, and sea serpents large enough to rise and block out the sun.

The Fabled Quest Chronicles concludes in Book Six of the epic fantasy adventure series! As Traveler suspected, King Oughtred and his dark allies await.

The epic Fabled Quest Chronicles concludes with over 1,500 pages of action, suspense, intrigue, magic and encounters with mythological races and creatures you always wished you’d seen. Get the last three novels in one box set!

The Fabled Quest from the lands of humans through the magical lands of fae and mythical creatures to the ultimate destination—the legendary kingdom of Atlantea! Then a boy arrived…


In 2089, a former skin-runner-turned-star-reporter investigates the Washington DC daylight murder of the most powerful political king-maker in the nation. It is just the tip of a wider conspiracy and the start of a chain of events leading to the explosion of World War III.

The explosive and controversial futuristic After Eden thriller series begins.

There is a conspiracy in Washington DC to purge religiosity from the nation by the President. Is it a reaction to seeing the Fall of Western Europe to the Supreme Islamic Caliphate? Or are his motives more sinister?

Can the paramilitary leader of a secret Jewish sect in America and a young catholic priest in Mexico live long enough to join the Resistance?

In 2096, a Russian summit in Saint Petersburg with all the superpowers: America, the Islamic Caliphate, and the Chinese-Indian Alliance. The Russian President inexplicably dies. Or was it murder?

One moment world peace was in sight, now global conflict may begin with a civil war in the Russian Bloc.

Over 1,000 pages of the international international thriller includes Thy Kingdom Fall (Book 1), Stars and Scorpions (Book 2) and Rising Leviathan (Book 3)!

The year is 2093! A robot with glowing red digital eyes, and infested with–worms!

The companion novella takes place before the events of Thy Kingdom Fall (Book 1) and during the events of Stars & Scorpions (Book 2).

A greenish twelve-foot shark-like creature with rows of giant, razor-teeth, two arms with clawed hands, and octopus tentacles for its tail.

After the events of Stars & Scorpions (Book 2), but before Rising Leviathan (Book 3).


The year is 2096. The FAITHERS are hearing rumors of a plot to wipe them off the face of the Earth. But, would the world’s three superpowers really work together against them?

Four men from four different Orders must uncover the truth.

Over 1,000 pages of the international international thriller includes Metal Flesh, Hell's Menagerie, and Pure Conspiracy!

The complete two-part series including Metal Flesh (Episode I) and Hell’s Menagerie (Episode II).


Ichabod Crane is dead! Everyone knows it. The Horseman took him—like so many others—one dark night in 1790.

That was 10 years ago. And now a lone stranger has come to their quiet town.

Will he bring about the return of the hellish Headless Horseman?

A lone Julian Crane arrived in Sleepy Hollow and single-handedly turned Sleepy Hollow upside-down in his quest of vengeance.

He knows who killed his uncle—and many, many others.

Can he and his Super Posse stop this evil thing? Can they survive its accursed domain? The Devil’s Patch.

Grab the entire Sleepy Hollow Horrors mini-series box set!