Planet Tamers

Humanity is on the brink of becoming a multi-planet species at last!
The military is leading the way in Earth’s transformational new era with its flagship vessel the NCS Neil deGrasse Tyson under joint command of the Army (the soldiers) and Navy (the scientists).For First Lieutenant/Captain Joshua Halley, commanding the Tyson’s soldiers, the “Titan Mission” began even before he was born. He will be among the first humans to help terraform a planetary body for off-world human colonization. Unlike Luna and Mars, Titan will be “Earth Two” and life will be able to breathe its air and live and thrive under a real atmosphere created by Earth “genesis architects.” But that fateful night, Halley received the call. Something has happened. Everyone aboard Earth Alliance’s orbital space station in the Main Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter has vanished–including Halley’s father.The historic mission of a lifetime, under the watchful eyes of all of humanity, or leave to rescue one’s own father. The decision is simple for this soldier.But there are no coincidences even in the sea of space. The “Titan Mission” is in jeopardy. But by whom? And why? Spaceship battles, explosions, gun-fire aboard space stations, and worse. None of these things are supposed to happen in real life, even for a seasoned soldier like Halley.Join the first entry in the thrilling military sci-fi PLANET TAMERS series from author Austin Dragon. For fans of The Expanse, Original Star Trek, Star Wars, and good, clean military sci-fi adventures.