Da Vinci Run

Coming in 2024!

The moon of Titan is only five months away…

but for those aboard the cosmoship NCS Da Vinci, it feels like a lifetime.

In DA VINCI RUN, embark on their thrilling high-stakes journey to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. USS Army Captain Halley, USS Navy Captain Ayla and their fearless crew will push the boundaries of human exploration on the first ever terraforming mission to this distant planetoid. However, as they navigate the cold vast expanse of space, they discover that they are not the only ones out there. Who are these mysterious forces, and what secrets lie hidden on Titan’s surface?

They came out here to create “Earth Two,” not die almost 800 million miles from home.

Fifty years in the making. But the mission’s success hangs in the balance as the Earth Alliance faces unexpected threats from unknown adversaries that could bring the planet to disaster.

It’s a heart-pounding race against time to get to Titan and the crew must overcome challenges that could change the course of history. Will they triumph against all odds and survive, or if they do, wish they hadn’t?

Dive into the gripping military sci-fi adventure of DA VINCI RUN in the PLANET TAMERS series by author Austin Dragon, a must-read for fans of The Expanse and classic sci-fi sagas.