Rising Leviathan

Rising Leviathan (After Eden Series, Book 3) is the latest sci-fi and international thriller in the After Eden series by Author Austin Dragon—a dramatic mix of politics, religion, and intrigue.

It’s the year 2096. Maybe world peace is possible, just a few years from the 22nd century! The Russian president boldly hosts a summit of the three superpowers in the world—America, the Islamic Caliphate, and the Chinese-Indian alliance. So much promise, so much hope, but the Russian president…dies.

Was his inexplicable death murder?

One moment world peace was in sight, now world war seems unstoppable. Will the Russian Bloc erupt in civil war, an international war, or both?

One leader falls and a new deadly power rises. Leviathan will rise. But is it the name of a ruthless crime lord from Europa? Or is it the most powerful, “living” weapon ever constructed—a secret only known to the Faithers?

New enemies. New conspiracies. New dangers. And the Resistance goes from America and the Spanish Americas to Russia and Neo-Asia.

It all leads not just to the third of the world wars, but to the explosion of the first global war of the Tek Age—a hell we have never seen before.

Rising Leviathan is book three of the epic After Eden series.