You’ll Never See Starlight Again (Book 10)

Our favorite, sci-fi private eye is back in the tenth novel in the Liquid Cool sci-fi detective series.

“Cruz, do you remember NeuroDancer?”

Last years’ overseas family vacation didn’t quite turn out as expected (namely a dead body), but Cruz is back on his home turf to solve cases on the rainy, neon, mean streets of Metropolis, as if he never left.

New suit. New hat. New case. At first, he thought his natural paranoia was playing tricks on him, but now he’s certain—he’s being followed.

Many villains have tried to kill Cruz, but NeuroDancer came closer than most and with flair to the very end. Cruz always feared her mind-control “powers” might fall into criminal hands, but it’s far worse.

An ultra-secret organization of corporate spies—all female—may have acquired the psi-tech. And now they seek vengeance against Cruz for their fallen ‘sister.’

But there are other desperate and deadly players in the shadows. Everyone is after the stolen corporate device known by the codename: Starlight.

Action, thrills, and laughs. The sci-fi/cyberpunk detective series continues.

Enter the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.