The Forest of Ancients


The Fabled Quest Chronicles continues in Book Four of the epic fantasy adventure series—filled with heroes, villains, monsters and magic.

Their departure from the Lands of Man for the magic lands is a distant memory. Titan’s Caravan survived the war wizards of Xenhelm and have marched past Faë-Land itself–the lands of fairies, sprites, elves, centaurs, and goblins. But now they leave all human and fae civilization behind to continue their quest along Titan’s Trail.

But what monsters and magic await in the Great Forest? Giant beasts and mythical creatures—either beautiful or evil, either harmless or horrific.

The lead giant, Grakdar, scoffed. “… no animal that large is friendly when the tallest among us is only eleven feet tall. We giants do not call this the Great Forest. We feel that name lulls one into a reckless and foolhardy sense of admiration. It is the Giant Forest and there is no pattern to the size of animals within it. You may encounter a fifteen-foot squirrel and then a swarm of twenty-foot fire ants or a thirty-foot snake.”

Traveler leads their Titan’s Caravan onward. They do so not only under the shadow of the evil Four Kings of Xenhelm and the Forest’s own magical and frightful “wildlife” but a mystery that has confounded elves and fae for centuries.

The fabled kingdom of Atlantea draws nearer—or does it?