Comes the War Wizards’ Wrath

They made it to Faë-Land Major—the lands of elves, fauns, centaurs, and goblins!

Titan’s Caravan is no longer merely an impressive caravan of humans—royals, berserkers, and a shape-shifter. Through many surprises and seeming setbacks, their numbers include humans, fairies, sprites, giants, elves and a multitude of other fae races and magical animals. The path is clear–the next markers along Titan’s Trail then to the Great Forest.

However, nothing is ever that simple in a long quest, and in the Lands of Magic, less so. They escaped the Four Kings but not their war wizards or their agents throughout Faë-Land. They face many enemies, but they have also gained many allies against the Xenhelmians.

Continue the epic fantasy adventure of Titan’s Caravan against the war wizards’ wrath, caravan wars, and evil creatures, including one feared above most others!

Can Titan’s Caravan make it to the Great Forest, let alone to their final destination of the fabled kingdom of Atlantea coveted by human and fae alike?

Comes the War Wizards’ Wrath, Book Three of the epic fantasy adventure Fabled Quest Chronicles begins!