A.I. Confidential (Book 6)

“We’re going to break the biggest caper in Metropolis history wide open !”

Liquid Cool: The Cyberpunk Detective Series Is Back with more laughs and even more action in A.I. Confidential (Liquid Cool, Book 6)!

The biggest caper in the supercity’s history? Cruz has tangled with some of the most dangerous, cunning, and sinister villains around—Blade Gunner, NeuroDancer, Mr. Viper, The Ripper, the “Alien”. But this case is even bigger?

This novel is much more on the noir side than any other (call it cyber-noir or sci-fi noir). Bright neon, sharp shadows, thugs in fedoras, laser guns at the ready, and bloody discarded bodies in alleys. You don’t see this kind of gritty action, suspense, thrills, and even laughs in any “normal” science fiction. But this is Liquid Cool.

You get to tag along with Cruz and company through the ever-rainy world of mega-skyscrapers, hovercars, and futuristic tech. Our hero detective, Cruz, meets a threat he has never dealt with before—killer androids!

Welcome to the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.