What If You Were the Casting Director for a Liquid Cool TV Series?

Let me ask a fun question: What if my Liquid Cool — my sci-fi noir detective series — were a TV series? Which actors do you think should play the main characters?

Who Should Play? (Pick two: Cruz and one other)

  1. PJ. Caucasian female (French), remember the initials stand for “Punch Judy” meaning she punches people with her bionic arms.
  2. Dot. Asian female, classy, businesswoman fashionista, was “famous” long before she met Cruz.
  3. Run-Time. African American male, consummate businessmen.
  4. Phishy. Caucasian male, slim build, radiates crazy fun.
  5. and Cruz! our hero detective with the cool hat, cool red hovercar, and attitude. Hispanic, 30-ish male.

Let us know who’d play Cruz and pick an actor for one other character, if you’d like.

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  1. For Punch Judy I think Nora Arnezeder looks the part. AND reading her bio she loves dystopian lit & loves playing dark, complex characters. Match made in dystopia….
    Dot would be well played by Calhoun “Callie” Koenig, I believe.
    Perfect casting for Run-Time would be Christopher Jackson who plays the stylish Chunk in “Bull”.
    Phishy was difficult for me to cast, but I came up with Asa Butterfield.
    For me the top choice for Cruz is Kevin Alejandro from Lucifer but a close second would be Michael Trevino from Vampire Diaries.
    LOVE the idea of Liquid Cool being turned into a tv series! Bring it on!

  2. I would like to see Bruno Mars get into acting with the role as Cruz. Hye Kyo Song for Dot. Would make a great weekly show.

  3. Wilmer Valderamma as Cruz (although in my head I always imagined him as John Leguizamo but he didn’t fit the age limit for this assignment!), and Awkwafina as Dot (but again, I always imagined Lucy Liu but I had to adjust for the age requirement) and with that said, you know that Ken Jeong would have to play Dot’s father!! Lakeith Stanfield as Run Time and Mila Kunis as Punch Judy. And lastly, I always, always pictured Fishy as Andre Royo!! But oh well. Couldn’t come up with another actor to play his part : )

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