What If You Were the Casting Director for a Liquid Cool TV Series?

Let me ask a fun question: What if my Liquid Cool — my sci-fi noir detective series — were a TV series? Which actors do you think should play the main characters?

Who Should Play? (Pick two: Cruz and one other)

  1. PJ. Caucasian female (French), remember the initials stand for “Punch Judy” meaning she punches people with her bionic arms.
  2. Dot. Asian female, classy, businesswoman fashionista, was “famous” long before she met Cruz.
  3. Run-Time. African American male, consummate businessmen.
  4. Phishy. Caucasian male, slim build, radiates crazy fun.
  5. and Cruz! our hero detective with the cool hat, cool red hovercar, and attitude. Hispanic, 30-ish male.

Let us know who’d play Cruz and pick an actor for one other character, if you’d like.

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  1. Jay Hernandez for Cruz, pretty much who you picture Cruz as. Manny Montana wouldn’t be bad either.
    Amber Nash for PJ (Pam from Archer).

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