How Cruz Met China Doll

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So how did our famous sci-fi detective meet his wife Dot a.k.a. China Doll? I teased it in the last Liquid Cool novel (Book 9), Write Me a Murder on Jules Verne's Island.

Your guesses were great:

  • She was in the passenger seat during a race against Cruz. He won the race and stole her away from his rival.
  • She was at an illegal hovercraft race. He saw her and there were instant fireworks. They've been together ever since.
  • Cruz was in one of his depressed moods and hiding when she shows up in some crazy manner. Falls from the sky or crashes into his beloved vehicle. She is either chasing or running away from bad people and he helps her. ??
  • I would guess she was a damsel in distress, perhaps due to some situation her parents brought about!
  • I think it had to be a Blade Runneresque murder mystery and she was the dame in trouble!
  • They met through a mutual acquaintance, Run Time.
  • She knew runtime and others in the car scene and met Cruz there
  • Cruz went in for a haircut.
  • If I had to guess I would guess they met in college or at the police station.
  • He was around when she crashed into a bridge. He helped pick up the pieces of her.


They met at a Metropolis Phobia Support Group! 

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  1. I enjoyed this excerpt thoroughly! My guess, “He was around when she crashed into a bridge. He helped pick up the pieces of her.” was sorta-kinda-almost right—He was in a group helping her to cope with her fear from crashing into a bridge. That’s helping to pick up the pieces. He just wasn’t around at the moment of impact.

  2. Different but I thought it was very original . How can a cyborg have a phobia? Interesting I liked it. Would enjoy reading some more.

  3. It’s obvious how Cruz reacted to China Doll, but what was her reaction to him? Some of her internalized dialogue would have been interesting.

    1. Post
  4. Severed head seems drastic and hard to overcome, lack of blood to brain seems hard for medic to come to grips with. Maybe brain transplants are common some under pinning should be there. Which could be another story of the criminal who transplants himself into other bodies to commit crimes.

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