Milestone: The Fabled Quest Chronicles

The Latest Fabled Quest Chronicles novel is done!

I finished the fourth Fabled Quest Chronicles novel—The Forest of Ancients! My goal was for 100,000 words or about 400 pages; I did know the latest novel would be longer than the previous three. Well, it’s 125,000 words–closer to 500 pages–which will make the fans happy. Now, The Forest of Ancients (Fabled Quest Chronicles, Book Four) is in the hands of my editors and proofreaders, so not much longer to wait. I’ll soon announce the official release date and presales.

Novels to date in the Fabled Quest Chronicles series:

Through Titan’s Trail (Book One)
In the Shadow of the Kings (Book Two)
Comes the War Wizards’ Wrath (Book Three)

Another fan favorite of the series–the creatures! What new creatures or fae races will be in this novel?

Here are some (without giving away any major spoilers)

  • Nemean Lion – a monstrous giant lion with golden fur impervious to attack of any mortal weapon.
  • Elefantagriff – giant hybrid beast of griffins and elephants. Gray skin and feathers, tusks growing from either side of their beaks, elephant ears, and elephant feet-like talons. 
  • Redcaps – race of murderous goblins with talons for hands and known for soaking their caps in the blood of their victims.
  • Morgens – evil water nymphs that drown men by luring them to their death with their hypnotic sylphic beauty.
  • Sparti – mythical armed skeletonoid men that grow from magical teeth, seeds, or blood.
  • Lindworm – wingless serpentine creature with two clawed arms in the upper body. 
  • Wraith – a ghostlike image of someone, especially seen shortly before or after their death.
  • Anzu – a giant lion-headed bird.

Which one are you most intrigued by?

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  1. Leman lion as curious how its so resistant and what date to you expect for the ARC team to get a copy.

  2. The elephantagriff seems dangerous and fearful, in fact, all of them sound ominous! It’s one of the points thst drew me, the fascinating creatures and races in this amazing universe! Looking forward to reading it!

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