With shadowy monsters and dark magic, the Kings’ Caravan almost killed them all before the quest had even begun! But why?

They escaped the treachery and dark magic of the Four Kings of Xenhelm, but not without losses. However, the Fates have smiled upon them all with the stranger—and now their leader—known as Traveler. He is a human who has not only traveled to the fabled kingdom of Atlantea before but lived there. They are now the new Titan’s Caravan.

They cross beyond the Lands of Man into the Lands Between, and into Faë-Land—or, more precisely, Faë-Land Minor—the lands of fairies, sprites, and giants. Here they must travel and survive to find fae members to add to their caravan. “We cannot make it to Atlantea as a caravan of humans alone,” Traveler tells them. But which fae–fairies, sprites, giants, elves, or any one of the many fae races unknown to humans?

They had escaped but they still travel In the Shadow of the Kings. Every step they take and every encounter with a new fae town or city could be a new trap.

And there are new creatures and hostile fae races as diverse and dangerous as anything the humans can imagine.

In the Shadow of the Kings, Book Two of the epic fantasy adventure Fabled Quest Chronicles continues!


 “What starts out to be a pleasant caravan turns into a journey from one horror to another. This book is full of chills, thrills, and surprises. The plot is very entertaining. The characters are enthralling. And, the pace is bruising. I can't wait to read the next installment.”

For Fans of Epic Fantasy like Lord of the Rings, Myths & Legends, and Mythological Creatures like you've never seen!