Judging a Book By Its Cover Is a Good Thing

Like most authors who’ve been at the craft for more than a few years and have an ever-growing backlist of titles, there comes a time when you want to change a book cover or two. I’ve been blessed to have worked with some great book cover artists from around the world. Also, I’ve modified a few of my own covers to make them better such as Blade Gunner (Liquid Cool, Book 2) and the ebook covers for Classic Cyborg and Digital Samurai from the Liquid Cool: From the Crazy Maniac Files mini-series. Here are three more:

Fabled Quest Chronicles

I absolutely love the cover for the debut novel of my epic fantasy Fabled Quest Chronicles, Through Titan’s Trail. However, I liked the second cover much less, and the original third cover even less. As authors, there is a great network of professional artists to tap into. However, I’ve never been above using pre-made covers for the simple reason that many are made by the same great cover artists we authors hire to do original artwork.

When I saw a particular cover on a pre-made cover site, I immediately stopped and said that’s my cover for Comes the War Wizards’ Wrath (Fabled Quest Chronicles, Book 3)! The artist Debbie was great, and I soon had my new cover.

Out with the Old:

In with the New:

With that done, I had no more excuses in delaying the redo of my Book 2 cover, In the Shadow of the Kings. I had already searched and found all the images I wanted and just had Debbie create the new cover. Wow, it looks amazing and so matches the title and plot of the novel (and the entire journey, frankly).

Out with the Old:

In with the New:

Liquid Cool

With Liquid Cool, Book 8: The Moon is a Good Place to Die, I had a different issue. I really liked the cover but because our Cruz character is “pointing” his gun at us, I couldn’t run any promotional ads with the cover. So I had a quick, simple modification made, with the new images coming from me:



What do you think of all the three new covers: In the Shadow of the Kings, Comes the War Wizards’ Wrath, and The Moon is a Good Place to Die?

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  1. I like them all! The newer ones are more modern, like what you’d see in bookstores today. The older ones have an old-fashioned flavor that you don’t see much anymore. The old and the new both catch my eye and make me want to pick them up.

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