“Coming Attractions!”

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through 2023?

Well, if you’ve been keeping track, I already released four novels so far—three Liquid Cool novels (The UFO Case, A Cruel Cyber Summer Night, and You’ll Never See Starlight Again) and one Fabled Quest novella (Last Quest of Fire’s Blood).

So, what’s next? Here’s a sneak peek:

Planet Tamers

My new military science fiction series, set in the far-future when humanity is at the dawn of becoming a multiplanetary species, launched last year with the release of Fathers’ Day. Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, will be terraformed by a crack team of military and scientists to become Earth 2!

As a veteran myself, I’ve wanted to have a sci-fi series with a military background for a while now. The sub-genre of military sci-fi has its own sub-genres. Most have soldiers, spaceships and space colonies, including futuristic weapons and technology. Some have alien invasions and interstellar travel. Some have nonstop space battles and all-out war. As always, I always put my own spin on any genre or sub-genre I write in.

I did a poll of the VIP Readers’ Club to see what theme you’d most like to see in the new series:

  1. Space Battles (very military and serious): Lots of military jargon, soldiers, marines, battles on space cruisers, outer space, and new worlds!
  2. Space Opera (space swashbuckling with a smile): Think the original Star Wars Trilogy. Great space adventure, galactic empires, amazing weapons and technology, swashbuckling heroic good guys, ruthless and maniacal bad guys, a touch of romance, heavy on the melodrama and action, but also great fun.
  3. Sci-Fi Horror (be read with the lights on): Think the original Alien movie. Yes, in space no one can hear you scream. Our protagonists are traveling to the moon of the second largest planet in our solar system. Lots can go wrong. Lots of scary things can happen. We already have one main characters with the nickname “Bogeyman.” I always remind people that Mary Shelley’s 1818 gothic work, Frankenstein, was the first sci-fi novel.

The winner was “Space Opera.” Next came “Space Battles,” then closely behind was “Sci-Fi Horror.”

To answer the question what’s next?

The next FIVE Planet Tamers novels! (And two boxsets)

The great things about being an independent author-publisher is you can do whatever you want. Some have asked, and this will be my series for Kindle Unlimited.

Classic Horror

I haven’t done a classic horror novel for a while now, even though I know what the installment is. So just in time for Halloween, I’ll release my classic horror anthology I’ve been putting off.

If you’re wondering if there will be more Sleepy Hollow Horrors, the answer is YES! However, those of you who have been fans of the novellas, know that the series is also historical fiction which means heavy research.

Liquid Cool

Of course, if you’re a fan, you couldn’t be happier at the moment. Three novels in one year, released about a month apart. Great! However, before that the last Liquid Cool novel was back in 2019. Yes, I had the massive Fable Quest Chronicles series in between. But that’s too long for my forever-series. I’m going to commit to a Liquid Cool novel a year.

Liquid Cool 11! I’ve already polled the VIP Readers’ Club about the name, so early 2024 it will drop. It will have a rather interesting hook.


I had started this but put it to the side—a Liquid Cool-inspired book of quotes. I think something like that will be appropriate for the December Christmas/New Years season so that will be coming too.

What do you think about these “Coming Attractions”?

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