New Release: Last Quest of Fire’s Blood (FREE)

You asked for a free novella for my popular Fabled Quest Chronicles epic fantasy series (since my sci-fi detective Liquid Cool series has two). Here it is!

Last Quest of Fire’s Blood (A Fabled Quest Chronicles Novella)


Who are the people of Fire’s Blood?

This is a simple story in the epic fantasy adventure series, The Fabled Quest Chronicles. A quest from the Lands of Man through the Magical Lands of fae and mythical creatures to the ultimate destination—the legendary kingdom of Atlantea!

After a long journey, the stranger, a human known as Traveler, has successfully led another caravan—this time of elves and dwarves—across distant regions to the outlands outside Atlantea. All he and his trusty wolf-dog desire now is rest and relaxation before beginning again. But they shall have neither.

Someone awaits them in the fae villages within. And others hunt them all.

Before the quest along Titan’s Trail, through unimaginable dangers, both mortal and magical, of men and monsters, for the magical adventure and the reward of ultimate treasure…

There is this brief journey through Fire and Ice.

Join the Last Quest of Fire’s Blood (A Fabled Quest Chronicles Novella).

So, grab this new free intro to my epic fantasy series! All I ask is to enjoy and leave an honest review on Amazon at least. The more reviews it gets, the more other readers will find it…and the entire Fabled Quest Chronicles series!



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