Name Reveal: Liquid Cool Book 10!

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Hello Readers! We just finished another Kindle and Books Giveaway in anticipation of my next epic fantasy novel Fabled Quest Chronicles Book 5 — Siren Storms of Madness! It’s in the hands of the editors so not long to wait. But many have also asked. Where’s Cruz? Yes, the next Liquid Cool, sci-fi detective novel will be this year too. …

Cover Reveal: Prequel to the Fabled Quest Chronicles!

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The release of the fourth Fabled Quest Chronicles novel–The Forest of Ancients, should be released on time at the end of this month, but there is a delay for the book cover because my artist lives in Rome, Italy. (Don’t worry, he’s fine.) Therefore, I’m switching things around a bit as far as the release schedule. One of the surprises for …

Name Reveal: Fabled Quest Chronicles 2020

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Name Reveal & Progress Report To kick off my writing madness for 2020, will be the new release of my epic fantasy Fabled Quest Chronicles series. For those of you eagerly waiting, the next novel of the six-book collection (hexalogy) is almost here: The Forest of Ancients! As many of you know, I’m not into writing those 1,000 page plus …

New Fantasy Series: Name Reveal!

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Last year in 2017, I gave my VIP Readers’ Club members the opportunity to pick my next new series. Fantasy won out by a whopping 60%; the other options weren’t even close. As mentioned in earlier posts, I’m not a Game of Thrones fan, but a big Lord of the Rings fan. However, as many of you already know I …

Liquid Cool: Latest Novels and More!

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It’s funny when I look back at it. I was first working on my new Liquid Cool cyberpunk detective series in 2015 and wanted to share, so I wrote a quick prequel (These Mean Streets, Darkly). It introduced readers to the Liquid Cool universe but…more than a few of you were annoyed and said “love it! But now what? Where’s the …

Liquid Cool! Name Reveals

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Last year I, released my (sci-fi) cyberpunk detective series, Liquid Cool. I released the prequel, These Mean Streets, Darkly first, and then the debut novel. The response has been awesome. Here are some of the Liquid Cool reviews: FIVE STAR REVIEWS “It’s Blade Runner Meets the Maltese Falcon!” “Lots of shooting, lots of crazy maniacs, lots of action and fun!” …

Name Reveal!

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My new cyberpunk detective story has a name–Liquid Cool! Danger lurks around every corner in the fifty-million-plus over-city of Metropolis for our detective hero. It’s my reimagined take on the sci-fi sub-genre of cyberpunk. So is it retro neo-cyberpunk? Or Neo retro-cyberpunk? You decide. The novel and its prequel are on their way. Enjoy! #Cyberpunk #ScienceFiction #SciFi

Phase I of Austin Dragon’s Writing Universe

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I like the word “phase” in my own life, both personally and professionally, when I’m planning big changes and major goals. Marvel Studios also seems to like that word and is giving us a list of every single, solitary marvel super hero movie to 2020. As an avid comic book collector when I was a kid, and a huge fan …