What Do You Think of the New Website and Phase III?

My first published book was published back in 2013 with the launch of my After Eden Series. I consider those humble beginnings the “Phase One” of my author career. In 2015, came “Phase Two” with two new series — my Liquid Cool sci-fi detective series and my Sleepy Hollow Horrors, a blend of classic horror and historical fiction. Later would be the launch of my fourth series, the epic fantasy Fabled Quest Chronicles. Well, the final four months of 2022 is the launch of “Phase III!

What is Phase III?

  1. An Amazing New Website!
  2. Launch of fifth series — my military sci-fi Planet Tamers series. In fact, Father’s Day (Book 1) came out just last month. The series will likely be eight books!
  3. Launch of two more series. You might not know this but back in 2015, I mapped out four series – Liquid Cool, the Fabled Quest Chronicles, and two more. Planet Tamers has managed to sneak in but that still leaves the two other series remaining. They’ll both be released in 2023.
  4. The wrap-up of my After Eden series. Why did I pause the series? Honestly, I didn’t think I was good enough of a writer yet. A series set 75 years in the future, over the course of almost a century, taking place in countries all over the world, with different religions, cultures, great leaders–good and evil, new science and technology, genetic engineering, and all leading to World War III. Wow, just saying all that gives me a headache. I set a goal for myself that I’ll write 1 million words of fiction and then I’ll be ready. Well, some of you might already know the punch line — I’ve written 3 million words of fiction since my pause!
  5. Surprises. I always throw in a surprise a two. You’re going to like them
  6. Liquid Cool! Yes, more of my forever-series is coming! In fact, the next four Liquid Cool novels are on their way! I should be able to release at least one more the end of the year.

So now you know the growing Fiction Universe of Author Austin Dragon.

What do you think of the new website and Phase III?

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