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The After Eden Series will be seven or eight main books, but it is also divided into two volumes. Thy Kingdom Fall (Book 1) begins the “Genesis of World War III” volume and this year's release of Red Halo (Book 5) will end that volume. The next volume is the explosion of World War III.

The After Eden Series (Chronological Order)

Thy Kingdom Fall (After Eden Series, Book 1)

Stars and Scorpions (After Eden Series, Book 2)

Metal Flesh (After Eden Series: Tek-Fall, Episode I)

Hell's Menagerie (After Eden Series: Tek-Fall, Episode II)

Rising Leviathan (After Eden Series, Book 3)

Pure Conspiracy (After Eden Select Novel)

Red Halo (After Eden Series, Book 4) Coming Soon!


The After Eden Series (Group Order)

Main After Eden Series

Thy Kingdom Fall (After Eden Series, Book 1)

Stars and Scorpions (After Eden Series, Book 2)

Rising Leviathan (After Eden Series, Book 3)

Red Halo (After Eden Series, Book 4) Coming Soon!


After Eden: Tek-Fall Companion Novels

Metal Flesh (After Eden Series: Tek-Fall, Episode I)

Hell's Menagerie (After Eden Series: Tek-Fall, Episode II)


After Eden Select Novel

Pure Conspiracy (After Eden Select Novel)


But let’s go deeper in analyzing the series. To uses Marvel movie terms, we are in Phase I or Volume I:

Volume I: The Genesis of World War III

This is where we are introduced and immersed in this future world. We learn the players, politics, religions, technology, and conflicts.

Volume II: World War III

This is where the series changes styles. It's starts with the Battle of Wolf 359  (See Dictionary Below) and WW III explodes between the three superpowers—America, the Caliphate, and CHINs. But as we see in Thy Kingdom Fall and evn in Book Three, Rising Leviathan, the conflict between the three was just a matter of time. We don’t need aliens from other planets coming to Earth to destroy everything. We can do so quite well, all by ourselves.

Net Dictionary

I added this to all the After Eden books to give the reader a quick immersion into this future world. However, in Thy Kingdom Fall we really don't need it because we see and experience these terms at work.

Wolf 359: 1. A red dwarf star located in the Leo constellation, approximately 7.8 light-years from Earth, making it one of the stars nearest to our solar system. 2. A fictional space battle in the Star Trek Universe between the United Federation of Planets and the Borg Collective in the year 2367. 3. The opening battle of World War III in New York City on September 11, 2125. Over sixty percent of the United States of America Atlantic Oceanic Battle Fleet was destroyed by the Supreme Islamic Caliphate Battle Group on the first day.

Other terms:

Pagan: (universal or American usage) a non-believer of god or gods; one that doesn't believe in religion, often negative to, hostile to, or hateful of religion.

Jew-Christian: (American usage [by non-religious people]) a religious person, other than Muslim.

Faither: (global usage [by religious people]) a religious person, other than Muslim.

Tek World: common slang for tek-cities, tek-metropolises, or general tek-society.

Resistance: (pre-World War III) [by non-religious people] government term for the network of Jew-Christian domestic “terrorists” in America. [by religious people] the civilian resistance force against the militant, anti-religious American government.

Continuum: (general usage) the parallel society created by and controlled exclusively by Faithers outside of Tek World. (formal usage) the formal alliance of the New Protestant Order, New Jewish Continuum, New Catholic Order, Mormon Order, the African Collective, Shogun, and the Magi.

Thy Kingdom Fall also laid out the style that’s used in the first four main novels.

Two parts with a main protagonist in each part; one male, one female; and each part focusing on a different religion. In Thy Kingdom Fall, the two Parts are “A Brave Tek World” with the main protagonist being the Pagan (atheist) Logan, a famous DC journalist. The unlikely main protagonist in Part II is the “Protestant Order” (Rise of the Resistance) is Kristiana, a Pennsylvania Amish girl.

Commentary about the main religion groups in The After Eden Series:

  • Jews and Christians – yes, there are actually civil wars within each group.
  • Other religions: Mormons, Amish, Mennonites, Goths, Sikhs, Hindus.
  • Islam – not a focus until Book 5, but in the background. The main conflict in the first two books in particular is religious vs. irreligious.
  • New Religions: Vampires, Vulcans, Jedi, etc. These are actually recognized religions now.
  • Atheists – Yes, atheism is technically a religion too (US Supreme Court ruled that secular humanism is a religion in…1961!) A bit more complicated but in The After Eden Series we see a big distinction between militant atheists and average atheists/agnostics.

Thy Kingdom Fall buy page is HERE.

The After Eden Series page is HERE.


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