The Liquid Cool $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

For those of us in the United States, we’re back from our long Labor Day weekend.


In my last post, I revealed the great cover for my new cyberpunk (sci-fi) detective series, Liquid Cool. It features our hero detective–Cruz, the Private Eye–and gives you a taste of its stylish and high-tech but low-life world.  I’ve coined the dual terms of “Retro Neo Cyberpunk” or “Neo Retro Cyberpunk” because it’s my reimagining of the sci-fi sub-genre. It’s different from my current futurist series because there is no finite end point. It can keep going with endless new cases and new books for readers.

We plan to have a lot of fun with these books, so next week I will do an expansive Character Profile of main characters, secondary ones, and villains.

However, this post is the announcement of our latest Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! We’re getting closer to the debut novel’s release, so let’s celebrate. Click on the Events Tab on the menu.


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