Liquid Cool: The Characters (Good Guys)

600x800The core of any ongoing story is its protagonists–the person or persons that we follow through its world, and that we get emotionally invested in. It is also through the protagonist’s eyes that we experience the story.

In Liquid Cool, the reader will be introduced to a wide array of unique characters, some good, some bad, and some we really won’t know. With the exception of the main character, Cruz, some of our main characters were already introduced in the Liquid Cool prequel (short) These Mean Streets, Darkly. The main Liquid Cool characters are:


He is founder and owner of the Liquid Cool detective agency. Life sometimes picks a person to be something that, in retrospect, they were always meant to be. One moment Cruz is an occasional classic hover-car restorer living like so many in Metropolis, from gig to gig, then the next, he is the private eye at the center of the biggest crime cases in the city dealing with uber-government agents, megacorporate middle-men, tech-trickster hackers, digital samurai gangsters, and analog cyborg hoodlums.

China Doll

Cruz’s fashionista girlfriend. She is the second-in-command of the Eye Candy, the city’s premiere beauty and style emporium. The wives and girlfriends of the rich and powerful do let slip their secrets–and Eye Candy is where they do it.


Cruz’s lifelong best friend, but also the Founder, CEO and President of Let It Ride Enterprises, one of the biggest and politically-connected, megacorporations in Metropolis.


Cruz’s number one “frenemy,” but he’s not a bad person, just untrustworthy. Then he becomes Cruz’s confidential street informant and weapon’s supplier because an unarmed detective in Metropolis is a soon-to-be dead one.

Punch Judy

Cruz’s other “frenemy.” Then Cruz hires the cyborg, ex-posh gang member, ex-French citizen as his secretary. Why not? She can punch a hover-car through a window.

Officers Break and Caps

Not friends, but with so much violence happening around Cruz, the two Metro “Peace” Officers become very close acquaintances.


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