Signing Off For 2022!

For 2022, I concluded the main six-book series of Volume One of the Fabled Quest Chronicles! Well over two thousand pages of the mysterious Traveler, his “dog,” King Aereth, Lady Aylen, Gwyness, Pangolin, Mr. Hobbs, young Quillen, and the rest of the Titan’s caravan. Jam-packed with more mythical creatures and fantastic beasts than you’ve ever seen. A trek from the Lands of Man through the Magic Lands to the fabled kingdom of Atlantea with the evil Four Kings on their trail, or are they waiting for our heroes.

We also got a peek into my new upcoming military sci-fi series, The Planet Tamers. Yes, we Earthers become a multi-planet species at last. We finally learned to live on Earth together in peace… a peace that will not be repeated in the solar system around a planetoid called Titan.

What’s next in 2023? Lots of new Liquid Cool! In fact get the new releases on pre-order HERE and HERE. The full launch of the Planet Tamers series. And maybe a surprise or two. I can’t wait!

So until then, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. See you in 2023!


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