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In 2015, I had two series–my original After Eden Series (see the new covers HERE with a picture of the old ones at the bottom) and the Sleepy Hollow Horrors–and was working on a brand-new sci-fi series called Liquid Cool.

But then I asked my readers and fans in my VIP Readers’ Club for suggestions and to vote on what genre they’d like to see me write. Epic fantasy was at the top of the list. The first of my Fabled Quest Chronicles was published in 2017, with the first three books all in that one year.

So, I’ll ask again as we head into the summer of 2020. Is there a genre or sub-genre you’d like to see me write, whether as a series or a stand-alone novel?

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Austin Dragon

Austin Dragon

Author of over 20 books in science fiction, fantasy, and classic horror. His works include the epic fantasy Fabled Quest Chronicles, the cyberpunk detective Liquid Cool series, the international epic After Eden Series, and the classic Sleepy Hollow Horrors. He is a native New Yorker but has called Los Angeles, California home for more than twenty years. Words to describe him, in no particular order: U.S. Army, English teacher, one-time resident of Paris, political junkie, movie buff, Fortune 500 corporate recruiter, renaissance man, and dreamer.

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    Ok, my real favourite author was Zenna Hendeson, and her stories of The People. I know, soft gentle fold, with paranormal abilities that they use for good. OK they are aliens, but they are so like us they can interbreed. Zennas stories ended with her leaving us. It is about time someone took up the baton, and wrote about how these guys had integrated into our lives, and with their ‘moving’ ability, maybe something like the Raven in Anne McCaffreys story ( somone has mentioned her Tower series)

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    Some of my favorite story themes are the magic and esp coexistent or esp emergent. Andre Norton’s Beast Master and 3 Ring Moon, Anne McCaffery’s Tower, Christopher Stasheff’s Warlock, Zena Henderson’s People, David Weber’s Hell’s Gate. I think that you have the necessary background to develop an engaging series that combines scifi, fantasy, and paranormal.

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    I like future based police procedurals, more in the hard-boiled, crime noir vein instead of the tongue-in-cheek Liquid Cool. Not too distant future, but far enough the cop could even be a human mimic droid, facing solving the crime and the speciesism associated with the anti-mech movement. If you think the speciesism hits too close to what is happening today, it could be an outer colony populated with only Turing Tested droids, showing even when people are not around, murder still occurs. Crime solving techniques are still close to ours. Put it on a Space Station or inner-solar system colony.

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    I would like to see you write a Cozy Mystery/Mystery/Suspense with both dogs and Cats in it. Also you could make your book series to write with both a heroine and hero in it not one or the other. Have both Dogs and Cats work together to help solve the crime.

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    How about developing a more serious secondary character in the Liquid Cool series. Something more noire…kinda like Crais’s Joe Pike is to Elvis Cole.

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    Suppose the dinosaurs, or some species thereof, had an advanced civilization- say about where we are now. In order to escape a cataclysmic event, say asteroid, they were able to phase to another plane or bane. Their attempts to return to their/ now our plane could explain most stories of demons, devils,possession,etc. With that wide open premise you are off and running.

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    I agree with Cher and Harry. But how about an origin story of a “creature”. Something that was brought over on a trading ship, kind of like the Dracula story, but not a vampire. One of “our” urban legends.

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    How about a Scifi series that makes you think? No wars allowed. Think Azimove, Norton, Clark, Bradley, McCaffery, MA Foster, & Alan Dean Foster, to name just a few who can write interesting Scifi without having a war.

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      Yes, I grew up on it.That how sci-fi used to be: original Star Trek, original Twilight Zone, original Outer Limits.

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    I enjoyed your Sleepy Hollow Horrors so much. Is there another American legend you would be interested in giving the same treatment?.

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      Yes, there is. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is just the first of the stories of the old colonial New York.

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    A colony series that doesn’t have everyone killing each other. There are endless possibilities with the overcoming of establishing a colony. Take a positive mankind approach to these problems instead of all the negatives humans take with them wherever they go. Surely their there but not the focal point. Problems should be the tech, alien, and perseverance of establishing a new colony. Thanks and keep up the good work and inviting us into your mind.

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    More Liquid Cool. It’s unique. The other stuff I can read from other authors, only you can write Liquid Cool.

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    How about a story where we create intellegent robots to explore space and start colony but lose touch then find them or they find us years or centuries later what would our their progress and ours be?

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      Our minds think alike. Actually, it’s really the only way for us to really send spacecraft to explore.

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    What I’d like to be able to read is clean paranormal (no swearing, crudity, over the top sex as the primary goal, or open bedroom doors, rude thoughts, blasphemy…well you probable get the idea by now) you don’t use these ‘things’ in your other books and I’m sure you could come up with somethings special that didn’t just involve ‘getting a mate’ out of some danger trope rubbish that’s usually written. I’d be really interested in reading paranormal, whether is animal, witchy, or whatever your fantastic imagination contours up. I loved the liquid cool series and the quest series so much…blown away by them. I’m sure you could do something paranormal.
    What I don’t like is rewriting of fairy stories we are already familiar with.

    1. Austin Dragon Post
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    How about a cyberpunk cozy mystery series. I want something whimsical, funny and optimistic. I want a break from gritty dysoptias with high stakes humanity is always in the balance


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    I’d like some more Liquid Cool and Fabled Quest, please Austin
    – they’re the best books I’ve read in their genres for a long time!

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    Well how about a nice horror story maybe about dogs who turn against all bad humans but leave and befriend the good guys? But if you’re bad or evil…. beware!!!

    1. Austin Dragon Post
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    I’d like to see you do a twisted fairytale story, a wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan tale, or a story about owls. (I love owls.)

    1. Austin Dragon Post

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