Give the Author An Assignment 2020

In 2015, I had two series–my original After Eden Series (see the new covers HERE with a picture of the old ones at the bottom) and the Sleepy Hollow Horrors–and was working on a brand-new sci-fi series called Liquid Cool.

But then I asked my readers and fans in my VIP Readers’ Club for suggestions and to vote on what genre they’d like to see me write. Epic fantasy was at the top of the list. The first of my Fabled Quest Chronicles was published in 2017, with the first three books all in that one year.

So, I’ll ask again as we head into the summer of 2020. Is there a genre or sub-genre you’d like to see me write, whether as a series or a stand-alone novel?

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  1. Ok, my real favourite author was Zenna Hendeson, and her stories of The People. I know, soft gentle fold, with paranormal abilities that they use for good. OK they are aliens, but they are so like us they can interbreed. Zennas stories ended with her leaving us. It is about time someone took up the baton, and wrote about how these guys had integrated into our lives, and with their ‘moving’ ability, maybe something like the Raven in Anne McCaffreys story ( somone has mentioned her Tower series)

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