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Fabled Quest Chronicles Book 5 is Done!

I finished the second to last book of the Fabled Quest Chronicles series yesterday! Nice and long, but not too long at 105,000 words. However, it ends on such a wicked cliff-hanger (actually more than one) I’m wondering if I should finish Book 6 and release both together.

The epic fantasy Siren Storms of Madness, Book 5 is definitely has a bit more sci-fi in it than the other books in the series much like the prequel, Quest Master. We know his shape-shifting dog is from another world and we’ve already gotten hints about his magic sword. We also can’t forget that the star and celestial elves of the magical lands have been venturing beyond Pan-Earth for centuries.

For those of you who love all those mythological beasts and evil creatures that you never see in other epic fantasy, the glossary of the Fabled Quest Chronicles continues to expand. When Book Six is out, I may publish a separate A to Z glossary companion as a reference for all the books.

And I have one word for you: spider centaur!

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  1. I actually have no problem waiting in the midst of a cliffhanger, but I think a lot of readers tend to hate the wait pretty strongly. I voted to release them both together because I’m worried you would lose out on readers otherwise.

  2. I think with COVID we need some great escape fantasy right now more than ever! Just reread the whole series. I’m ok with waiting on a cliff hanger if it means I have another Book to read soon! Give us some escape good sir!

  3. I agree. Please release the books together, Reading the fabled quest series during these troubled times takes me away from reality temporarily…

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