Cover Reveal: Prequel to the Fabled Quest Chronicles!

The release of the fourth Fabled Quest Chronicles novel–The Forest of Ancients, should be released on time at the end of this month, but there is a delay for the book cover because my artist lives in Rome, Italy. (Don’t worry, he’s fine.)

Therefore, I’m switching things around a bit as far as the release schedule. One of the surprises for year is that I’ve also completed the Prequel to my epic fantasy series—Quest Master! This prequel is not the novella I originally intended; there was so much to cover.  It’s full novel length.

From Book Description Page

A boy arrives in one of the last villages before the Trail. Men arrive from the far reaches of the Seven Empires to northern Avalonia—the sole gateway into the magical lands for the year or more long journey.

A quest of unimaginable dangers, both mortal and magical, of men and monsters, by day and night.

The epic fantasy adventure of the Fabled Quest Chronicles. The most fantastic and deadliest adventure of all time. The story of how a human boy would become the caravan master called Traveler, with his magical sword and shape-shifting companion.

Read how it all begins!

What do you think of the cover and the upcoming prequel?

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  1. I like the cover colouring and font, not so sure about the boys expression, the closest I can come to describing it is that he looks like he has just smelt something really bad, when the artist was probably going for serious?
    The blurb sounds enticing and I’m looking forward to reading it very much!

  2. Wide because I don’t subscribe to Kindle Unlimited because I’m not interested in giving Amazon any more money than necessary.

  3. Wide. There’s no reason to keep it locked behind Amazon.

    As for the cover… Well, it’s not completely bad. The text and the colors and the overall atmosphere is not bad, but that head ruins everything. The expression looks all wrong, plus the head so obviously looks like it’s not actually wearing the armor. The head also looks disproportionate to the rest. OK, now that I look at it again, the sword also looks like it’s facing wrong, given the position of the arm. The shield’s angle is also not quite right.

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