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In light of the fact that George Lucas gave an interview about Star Wars: The Force Awakens (on the Charlie Rose show) and referred to Disney as “white slavers,” I felt compelled to add this little bit to this post. You might be surprised, based on my “vicious” critique of the new Star Wars movie, that I'm not siding with Mr. Lucas. I'll say no more because Disney surely doesn't need me to defend them. What I will say is that if you enjoyed the new Star Wars movie, then great. I didn't like it, but you did and the Force continues throughout the universe unchanged. What some of you didn't realize is that I'm a jokester at heart and much of the wording of this post is meant to be intentionally provocative. The points I make in each paragraph are solid (in my view) and I stand by all of them. But especially the headlines are meant to be crazy. Would you have read this post if I kept the original title: My Reasons Why I Didn't Like the New Star Wars Movie at All! (But Daisy Ridley as Rey is a star)? Probably Not.

The original post starts now…

When the first trailer for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, like a lot of fans, I was quite unimpressed. But then came the second trailer! We beheld a crashed Imperial Star Destroyer in the desert, Mark Hamills’s narration over flashes of action scenes, and ended with the entrance of… Chewbacca and Han Solo with a “Chewie, we’re home,” uttered by Han. Okay, I admit it. I (almost) teared up.Force Awakens

Much of the uneasiness from Star Wars fans was over what would happen to the franchise now that it was owned by Mickey Mouse (or, sorry)…Disney. To be fair, Master George Lucas did a pretty good job of damaging the franchise, all by himself, with his prequels. Yes, we got Jango Fett, Jedi Master Mace Windu, and Darth Maul! But we also got Jar-Jar Binks, some of the worse acting performances from Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman ever on screen, and some of the worst and clunky dialog in a major studio film ever. Taken all together, the prequels were nothing but some dead Kowakian monkey-lizard on the side of the road. (Here's a pic of one–Salacious Crumb, Jabba the Hutt's favorite little pet–pecking out C-3P0's eyes)Review_C3POSalaciousCrumb_still

The other concern, from many, was over writer-producer-director, JJ Abrams at the helm. Would we get Star Trek movie I JJ (a brilliant reboot) or get Star Trek 2: Into Darkness JJ, which in many eyes, including mine, destroyed the new Star Tek movie franchise. If you doubt that, have you seen the trailer for the disaster that is the upcoming third Star Trek movie?

Well, I saw the new Star Wars on opening night—December 17th. Not the first showing, but close and no, I didn’t stand in a line. The only movie I ever stood in line for ever was the 10th year anniversary showing of Blade Runner at the historic Nuart Theater in West Los Angeles. I never expected to get in to see the new Star Wars on opening night, but I did. The theater was packed and my main motivation for going on opening night was I thought it would be so fun to experience the film with other fans.

So as you can see, I am a genuine Star Wars fan, even despite the prequels. But you already know my quick movie review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens sucked!

Okay, that was my emotional (Leonard McCoy) response as I walked out the theater two and half hours later. Let’s get into my intellectual (Spock) analysis. The movie is one of the most uneven movies I’ve ever seen: the good parts are very good—the casting of Daisy Ridley as Rey is the best thing about the movie, but bad parts are pretty bad; and, unfortunately, it is the bad that remains. I still expect it to become the highest grossest movie of all time (sorry Avatar), but is it a good movie? No, and here are the reasons why: (But first…)


Top 10 Reasons Why Star Wars Sucked (or Yep, JJ Abrams and Disney are the Devil Sith) – Austin Dragon

Part One: Race and Star Wars

1: I’m Sick of Hollywood’s Quest For “Diversity.” Get a Life and Stop the Obsessing Over People’s Skin Color!

You can see all the magazines and articles all chattering about it everywhere. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the latest movie engaging in Hollywood’s (selected) obsession with “diversity.” Oh, look at us! We got a White female, Black guy and Hispanic guy as the leads. Aren’t we so progressive? Aren’t we so hip? Look how much we’re pushing the envelope? Well no, you’re actually being stupid and are too stupid to realize it.

Let me ask you this. There’s a meeting of the senior executive leadership of a major corporation—one White guy, one Black guy, one Hispanic guy, one Asian guy, one White female. They all grew in the same place, went to the same Ivy League schools, vote for the same political party, and have the same political and social ideology. Would you say this company’s leadership team is diverse? If you say, “Yes,” then you’d get a big fat F (as in “fail”) in my class.

Really are we back to this again? A person is their skin color? I thought we had decisively kicked that bigoted notion to the curb for trash pick-up back in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Yes, we did win that war (of racial equality) in America—though we have quite a few people out there who act as if the opposite were true. The measure of success is not that racists exist (a version of them always will); but can the racist stop you from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  It is parents, upbringing, character, values, and culture that make the person, not their skin color.

The racial color barrier (and gender barrier) had to be torn down—and ripped apart— in a post-slavery, segregated America, but do these 2015 Hollywood filmmakers really think that’s what they’re doing. Sorry, but a whole generation of filmmakers and actors already beat you to it starting in the ‘30s through the ‘80s. It’s shocking to me how ignorant and self-absorbed these guys are. Do they know these names? Lena Horne, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Woody Strode, Diana Ross, Richard Pryor, Sidney Pointier, James Earl Jones (and I'm not talking about him as the voice of Darth Vader), Dorothy Dandridge, Nichelle Nichols, and many more. They were the trailblazers in Hollywood. We are all the beneficiaries of those struggles they faced and the battles they won, in the face of real prejudice and racism. We may live in the house, but we didn’t build it. Today's Hollywood, you’re not doing anything special.

I hate the Racial Bean Counter People; that’s what I call them. They come in all races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and both genders. I’ve been aware of them since the ‘70s and implicit in their moronic over-simplification of the human race is the preoccupation on superficiality (skin color) and not substance (values, character, decency, culture) of people. Ironically, it is they who are the ones perpetuating the racial stereotypes of the past, today.

So why is this mind-set so toxic in Hollywood? Why is it a big problem in the new Star Wars movie? Because it affects the choices these filmmakers make, and most often those choices are bad.

JJ Abrams and Disney, you want to be judged by your push for “diversity”? Good. Let’s do so. Here is why this false diversity is troubling.

2: John Boyega as a Black Stormtrooper is Offensive. Here’s Why.

We, the fans, didn’t ask them to do this, but George Lucas had to introduce the concept that the Stormtroopers were actually clones and what they looked like. But what race were they going to make the clones? Well, they wisely side-stepped the whole issue by making them…not Black. Instead, they cast Maori actor Temuera Morrison as not only Bobba Fett’s (clone) father, but the template for the clone army.

Then 13 years later, what do they do? JJ Abrams re-imagines the Stormtroopers and makes them Black! I’ll admit that ticked me off from the moment Finn (John Boyega) took off his helmet at the start of the movie. Why did Star Wars want to insert race into Star Wars, why?

They would deny that’s what they did. Their cover story is, as JJ and Disney would have you believe, that the First Order needed to add to their ranks because they ran out of clones so they began taking children from families for Stormtrooper service. That’s BS for these three reasons.

One. I’m sorry, theses are clones. If you need more clones, then you…clone some more.

Two. Remember, these are Racial Bean Counter People. Notice that all the First Order people are White, and not just White, but really White (and have British accents). Why didn’t their quest for diversity apply to the First Order people that we see? So we have White People snatching Black children from their families to be used as shock troops, at the front line, in their battles. Yeah, okay, that sounds like a script and casting idea that I can get behind. (dripping sarcasm)

Three. No, the Stormtroopers are clones. I guess with three screen writers, they can’t keep their cover story straight. There’s a scene near the end of the movie when our good guys are fighting the Stormtroopers. One Stormtrooper after another yells, “Traitor!” at Finn in the battle. How would the average Stormtrooper even know that Finn was a Stormtrooper. He has no helmet, no uniform; he’s in civilian clothes. Do the filmmakers really expect us to believe that this insignificant guy in Finn (sorry, but  true and even the character says this) is known on sight by every random Stormtrooper in the vast First Order Empire. Oh, stop it. They know who he is because they have the same face. They’re clones. Otherwise, that scene makes no sense whatsoever.

Update May 1, 2018: More than a few of you have convinced me that they are not clones. However, let's be honest here. This was the first time we saw a Black Stormtrooper. The movie-makers were trying to make a statement. And I didn't like it.

3: The Black Lead As the Comic Side-Kick and No game. Yep, That’s Groundbreaking.

We have all seen movies where we’ve sat there and asked, “Why did they cast him or her in that role?” It’s nothing against him as an actor, but that’s my feeling about the casting of John Bodega in the film. Can you imagine (in a parallel universe) Johnny Depp as Iron Man, or if they cast Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones? Very good actors and I’m a fan of both, but Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man and Harrison Ford will always be Indiana Jones. Casting matters.

Also, I thought all Mr. Boyega was going to do was walk around with his hyperventilating as an acting technique for the whole movie. But then we got to it. Mr. Bodega was cast to be the comic relief in the movie. I thought he is, to use the words JJ and Disney, a lead? Okay, that’s strike three for me.

4: You Cast the Beautiful Lupita Nyong'o and Turn Her into a Four-Foot, Bug-eyed Yellow Lizard Alien.

You think I’m being harsh, but look at the Star Wars poster—and not the Chinese one where they removed the Black guy. Where’s Lupita? She’s the four-foot, bug-eyed yellow lizard alien (Maz Kanata), barely taller than R2-D2.





If Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios in casting Chris Hemsworth as Thor, digitally had him run around in the movie with a big bag over his head and a poncho over his body, everyone would laugh at them. We’d all say these guys are foolish.

Chris H 2      Potato Thor

Using my Jedi mind powers, I can hear some of you saying, “But Andy Serkis is in the Star Wars movie too as Supreme Leader Snoke and he’s digitally changed.” My snappy comeback would be that he’s not a four-foot lizard alien, but a Dark Sith Master and whenever seen he’s a humongous holo-image. But motion capture technology is what actor and director, Andy Serkis does. He’s carved out a nice acting niche with Lord of the Rings and Planet of the Apes and that’s what he does, and does well. Lupita may be an Academy Award winner, but no one knows who the heck she is. She can stand on the Star Wars stage but no one knows she was even in the movie. And let’s be blunt, movie studios want their beautiful actors to be seen, which again makes the choice to turn her into a four-foot lizard alien all the more bizarre.

Let me very clear in what I’m alleging. I don’t believe, for a second, that Mr. Abrams or Disney is racist. The “R” word has been so over-used and misused that the word no longer has the meaning it should. But JJ does have a problem. Again, it’s the choices.

I know JJ is sincere in his concern about “diversity,” but there are actually quite a few Blacks in Hollywood who could get a film or television series made if they wanted. If, however, all they want to do is make some Selma or slavery biopic for the millionth time, the occasional minstrel show, Soul Plane (2004) or nothing at all but live large like everyone else in Hollywood (regardless of race and gender), so be it.  The right people will emerge in the due course of time. It’s this kind of Hollywood mindset that makes me nervous and leads to things like “It’s Hard Out There For a Pimp” winning the American Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2006.

Also, I don’t ever remember anyone running around after the release of Empire Strikes Back talking about Billy Dee Williams as the Black guy; it was “how cool is Lando!” That movie came out 14 years after the end of segregation in all of America (I use 1969 as the benchmark year). Can you explain to me why skin color in a film is a major topic of conversation 46 years after the end of segregation, Mr. Abrams? The majority of people in America are still White (70%), the majority in China is Asian, and the majority in Latin America is Hispanic, so why is it weird that their movies would reflect that?

5: You Champion Having a Latino Lead in Your Movie and then Give Him No Movie Time.

This is a pattern with Mr. Abrams that precedes Star Wars. “Khan!” Moving to Hispanics, Ricardo Montalban was Khan in every way in the 1982 Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan. JJ Abrams does the Star Trek reboot (again, an excellent movie) and then re-imagines, of all people, actor Benedict Cumberbatch (great actor; watch the BBC series Sherlock as soon as you can) to play the titular role as Khan. Just, stop it! The villain Khan Noonien Singh was Eurasian, which means the actor can’t be Caucasian. I get that Hollywood when faced with casting a Eurasian character presents too complex a category for them so they will cast either a Hispanic or Asian actor, but Benedict Cumberbatch?

In Star Wars, the other big thing (according to them) is their Hispanic lead in actor Oscar Isaac. Okay, we see him right at the beginning of the movie and then poof—gone. He died in the crash when he and Finn escaped, it was said. Okay. Then he reappears at the very end of the movie and the explanation for this absence was so pathetic.

Why would they do this? If you call him a movie lead, then the actor actually has to have some screen time in the movie. Again, it’s JJ and Disney running around patting themselves on the back about how this is the first major motion film without any White males as a lead. A segment of Hollywood obsessed with “diversity” and this is what they give us: a Black male comic side-kick, a Hispanic male with no movie time, a Black female as a four-foot lizard alien. Yep, very impressive. (more dripping sarcasm)

Quick Diversion: You see how much I despise Hollywood's “diversity.” So let’s compare the Racial Bean Counter People with me. I’ve published 10 books to date and here is a sample breakdown of MAIN characters:

  • A teenage White Amish girl (Kristianna)
  • A Black husband and wife; leaders in the Resistance (“General” Moses and M)
  • A Jewish husband and wife; leaders in the Resistance (Tova and Mr. Tova)
  • A Mexican priest; leader of the Underground Railroad (Father Marcos)
  • A Jewish female paramilitary leader (Shoshana)
  • A Mormon commander (Vincent)
  • A Sikh religious and military leader (Sikh Bob)
  • A Japanese Christian “governor” (Kanji)
  • A Japanese atheist female tek-lord (Zen)
  • A Black male and White female husband and wife; the Magi (Wings and Top Hat)
  • A White female Wicca leader (Athena)
  • Her Black and Asian Wicca female lieutenants (Czarina and Titania)
  • Bolivian female twins and slave liberators (The Betty Boop Twins/Sisters Guerras)
  • A female Venezuelan anti-slaver leader (Sister Cyclops/Sister Serena)
  • A Goth Christian female leader (Goth Lila)
  • A Conservative Jewish “secret agent” (Gideon)
  • An African Catholic bishop and military commander (Archbishop Masai)
  • An Italian Catholic bishop leader (Cardinal Cassiano)
  • An Orthodox Jewish anti-slaver and gunman (The Cowboy Rabbi)

This is from one of my series, After Eden—sci-fi with, obvious, religious and political themes. I’m releasing another new series (my cyberpunk detective series – Liquid Cool) where the protagonist is Puerto Rican, his girlfriend is Chinese, his best friend is Black, and his staffer is French. Another series I have coming, which probably is going to be my most diverse, everyone is Black. I see people not skin color, which is why my world is diverse and theirs is “diverse.”

Part Two: Disrespecting the Star Wars Universe

6: Really, That’s How You Kill Our Cherished Han Solo?

Star Wars has always liked to kill popular characters in stupid ways. Really, you kill the great inter-galactic bounty hunter Bobba Fett like that? Really, that’s how you’re killing Jedi Master Mace Windu?

This movie is no different, but it’s how they do it this time.

One of the charms of Han Solo was how he could get out of danger by the seat of his pants and even when the bad guys thought they had bested him, it was always Han who had the last laugh—take that you fat bastard, Jabba the Hutt! On a serious note, we understand that some parents are known to do unwise things when it comes to their children. However, let’s be clear. Han and Leia’s son is basically a Nazi. Remember, at the beginning of the movie, Kylo Ren has the Stormtroopers round up the innocent villagers in a circle to blast them to death.

The scene arrives. Anytime you see anything that looks like a catwalk in Star Wars you need to run away fast because it means someone is going get a hand cut off or killed—Luke Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, the Emperor, Darth Maul. It is a very bad place to be in the Star Wars universe. Everyone should know this by now.

From the moment we see Han Solo looking out at his arriving son on a…catwalk, we know Han is dead. The reason we continued to watch is because we couldn’t believe JJ would be so criminal in how he did it. There is no explanation as to why Han and Leia want to reconcile with their Nazi son. Also, the staging of the scene is so infantile —Chewie on this side, Rey and Finn over here to watch from above, the especially ominous CGI-ing of the scene to make it all dark and spooky.

Why would Han do it? You try to reconcile outside on solid ground, not alone, preferably not while you’re trying to blow up their Death Planet. You don’t do it on this elevated catwalk many stories up with no railings. The scene made no sense because the motivations of Han’s character made no sense. It was the filmmaker forcing an emotional scene, which only back-fired on fans like me. Han’s dead. Okay, who cares? Even Leia’s reaction of the death of Han, sensing it through the Force, was pathetic. Not even a tear?

If a fan of your franchise doesn’t care about the death of an iconic character, then you have royally screwed up. Such deaths should matter to the fan, but not so in this case. I feel it’s the perfect metaphor. JJ didn’t just kill Han; he killed Star Wars.

7: First He Can Force-Freeze a Pulse Blast, Then He Gets Beat Up By a Girl.

Let’s remember how Star Wars introduces their new baddie Kylo Ren. Poe shoots a cannon laser blast at him and Kylo Ren, using the force, freezes the laser blast in motion and when the action is done releases it so it can hit what it’s going to hit. Not even Darth Vader ever did that. The closest we saw was Darth Vader blocking a laser pistol blast with his hand from Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back.

In the original movies, Luke Skywalker was strong with the force, but he had to go to Dagobah to train with a real Jedi Master, Yoda. At the time Luke left, his training was still not done. In this new Star Wars movie, we are introduced to Rey who basically gets out of bed and spontaneously masters the force to beat the powerful Sith lord, Kylo Ren, in her first ever light-saber battle. No knowledge of the force, no training, nothing. That’s just stupid. The set-up was good with Finn trying his best to stop Kylo Ren, and failing (since I trashed Mr. Bodega, I’ll say that this was the only time I actually liked him in the movie). But Rey beating Kylo Ren? What I expected them to do is have Rey train with Luke (in the next Star Wars movie) and then fight and defeat Kylo Ren in the next one.

To go even deeper, the subtext of this scene in elevating this one female character to such a ridiculous level is to say that all the Jedis that we have seen before—Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi (played by Ewan McGregor), Mace Windu, etc.—were nothing. It’s saying—which is why I always hated the introduction of the whole midichlorians nonsense in the prequels—is that you become a great Jedi Knight not through training or skill, but by blood. In other words, only the midichlorian-superior can be a Jedi. Only those with the right blood can be Jedis? Are you freaking kidding me, Star Wars? What twin evils does that sound like that we defeated in America with the Civil Rights Movement and defeated in the world with World War II. I already used the “N” word (Nazi), three times so I won’t repeat it again. But are we comfortable with that concept–the supremacy of blood (racial superiority)–embedded in a pop culture movie franchise? I’m not.

8: What Exactly Has the Rebel Alliance Been Doing For The Past 30 Years? They Did Actually Defeat the Galactic Empire.

And had Darth Vader throw the Emperor to his death off that catwalk!

In the original Star Wars, we had the Death Star. It was destroyed and then our baddies rebuilt it, but was destroyed in Return of Jedi. In the new Star Wars, we have a Death Planet! It is 100 times larger and can blow up not just one planet but several at a time.

I’m sorry but do the filmmakers know that the Rebel Alliance actually defeated the Empire in Return of the Jedi? These bad guys call themselves the First Order, but it’s the same Galactic Empire. Same uniforms, same White actors with an over-representation of British actors (I watch quite a bit of British TV so I noticed many right away), same tie-fighters, same Imperial Destroyers, and same Stormtroopers.

What the heck was the Rebel Alliance doing over the past 30 years? The movie never explains itself, and the subtext is that none of what happened in the original three movies mattered.

The First Order (The Galactic Empire) got a new Death Planet and a new guy to replace Darth Vader. The Resistance (The Rebel Alliance) has a C-3PO with a new red arm. Isn’t that special? The Rebel Alliance that we knew and loved at the end of the Return of the Jedi would never have let that happen.

9: Yep, Luke Skywalker is found. And He’s a Homeless Cyborg Bum Hangin’ Out on a Cliff.

The movie’s ending is just plain odd.

They touch down on this planet thanks to this map and Rey is just walking and walking. Then she reaches a hill to see that hooded figure—Luke! Yep, there’s Luke standing on the top of a hill looking out over the ocean. At first you ask, why didn’t they just land the Millennium Falcon right there? Then you ask, what the hell is Luke doing? There’s nothing—I mean nothing around. No tent, no structures, no animals, people, nothing. So here we end the movie in this awkward moment staged for the camera of Rey stretching out her arm to hand Luke his light-saber, but he’s not taking it.

Some of you might be saying that I’ve been a long-time hater of Mr. Abrams. Actually that is not true, but again we see a pattern. I never watched his television series Lost, but how they ended that series for the fans should be classified as criminal abuse. I did watch his series Alias (can’t remember why I stopped watching it), I was a big fan of his series Fringe (until they relocated it to the parallel universe), I was a fan of Persons of Interest (until the bad guys stole the machine and the writers didn’t know what the hell they wanted to do with the show), and I will always be a fan of his “small” film, Cloverfield. So my critique of him is not as a hater. As the reboot of the Star Trek movies also clearly shows, Mr. Abrams knows how to start things (sometimes brilliantly) but often times doesn’t know how to do the middle or end part.

10: Yes, it’s confirmed. JJ Abrams and Disney Signed a Pact With the Devil are actually all Dark Lords of the Sith Order.

I always had fond memories of Disney as a kid. Fantasia, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, etc. The greatness continued through their purchase of Pixar. But this Disney is not that Disney. Disney owns Star Trek, Star Wars and Marvel Studios. There is something unsettling about one entity owning all those movie franchises. JJ destroyed the Star Trek franchise, I believe the same will happen with Star Wars, and all of us Marvel fans know that the amazing Marvel movie empire is coming to an end soon. (Ant Man? Seriously?) Monopolies are bad and I say that as a capitalist. Hollywood monopolies are even worse. It would be one thing if all of this consolidation also consolidated the best of the best, but far from it. Frankly, I don’t think these Hollywood executives actually know what a good movie is.


Some might say: “Hey Austin, the movie is the fastest grossing a billion dollars ever!” Yeah, so what? My critique is not about box-office grosses, it is about movie quality for the general audience and the Star Wars fans that made the franchise and made George Lucas and company a gazillionaire. Does anyone think that Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon and Revenge of the Fallen are good movies? They sucked, but still are huge commercial successes. Same with the Hunger Games movies; they’re awful (not to be confused with the books which are awesome, especially the first two of the trilogy). What about the last James Bond movie, Specter? Really, is that a good movie? Conversely, the original Star Trek was cancelled after three years of its five year “mission” on television. The classic Blade Runner was a box-office flop. Modern Hollywood is doing what it always does: trying to make big money with bad movies.

Will this trend last? No, but it will go on for awhile. Transformers and Iron Man III have already shown us the future: Hollywood will continue to shift its focus away from America to China. Jacking up ticket prices and focusing on the post-movie theater life of a film (DVDs/BluRay, streaming, cable, broadcast TV, etc.) were previous strategies to make profits from mediocre and bad movies. The problem is that when the trend does end this time, it’s going to be very messy, and all it will take is one or two of these committee-approved, planned “blockbusters” to fail at the box-office to bankrupt an entire studio.

What is sad about Star Wars is that a great franchise has ended, and it didn’t have to happen. With all the money Hollywood has to make a modern movie, including on writers, was it not too much to ask to get quality in The Force Awakens that surpassed the original three movies? I guess the answer is yes. The year 2015 has ended and, for me, Mad Max: Fury Road is the best movie of the year.

With the coming tsunami of endless Star Wars movies and television series, I’m quite content with watching the first Stars Wars, the Empire Strikes Back (the best) and Return of the Jedi annually to remind me of that nostalgic time as a kid when movies were magic.

#StarWars #TheForceAwakens

Update May 23, 2018: I'm sorry but it looks like I was so right when I originally wrote this article before the release of The Force Awakens. The Star Wars franchise is dead and from all the reviews I saw of The Last Jedi–it sucked! (And it looks Solo will be the same.)


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  1. the author, and the comments shitting on the sequels… you all need to grow up and get over it, idiots! honestly, it is what it is, you need to let go of youre “perfect” little star wars universe. its not yours!

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  3. Meh. I don’t agree with your comments regarding the diversity of the new films. That doesn’t really bother me in a galaxy where there are thousands of different species. Some of which are near-human and some of which are alien. For example, in the Star Wars lore, Mace Windu isn’t actually a black Human. He is a Korun. A near-human species. Lando is a black human though.

    And others have already explained why Stormtroopers aren’t clone troopers anymore. Specifically referring to the classic Battlefront 2 explanation.

    I 100% agree with your other criticisms though. Especially regarding plot. I recently watched Rogue One and hate it. I saw Episode 7 and hated everything about it. I now refuse to see any more Star Wars movies. I’ll keep an eye on the games to see if they ever bring back the EU/Legends, but until then, Star Wars is basically dead to me.

  4. The Phantom Menace was a masterpiece compared to the pile of festering, stinking, fecal dung, vomit inducing pile of JJ Douchebag garbage that is the third trilogy

  5. Yes that’s true. I always thought they should have called it suicide squad and just give away the ending 😂. All jokes aside i think the last scene really made it special.

    1. Post

      Hi J. I think I will because I’m so annoyed that BOTH the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises have been destroyed. And I thought Rogue One was excellent but the problem was that everyone died.

    2. I liked it. It was a good story which fit nicely into the plot of the original trilogy. Kinda sucked that everyone died in the end, but it was still much better than any of the prequels, or Jedi Awakens.

  6. I found this article by searching “how force awakens ruined star wars”. One of my major criticisms of the story was the fate of the romance between Han and Leia. “I love you”…. “I know”…. was one of the most iconic romances in science fiction if not all of cinema between the scoundrel and the princess. For that relationship to develop completely out of fantasy storytelling and into the ordinary daily lives of most viewers is a disgrace. Han and Leia grow fat and old and into a disgruntled separated couple who doesn’t respect or want to talk to each other? They have an emo darth maul child and completely fail raising him into a good person after spending their lives battling the pure evil of vader and the empire? That’s just bad storytelling. At the very least, you can’t just fast forward to something like that. If those two aren’t going to live happily ever after and will have an emo kid who turns to the dark side… then, man, that should have been the movie.

  7. I agree with your review Austin. The star wars franchise is ruined. First I do not like the cartoonish characters they use. Much prefer original graphics and costumes. Secondly I cannot stand hollywood making women a lead character that is supposed to be tough and beat up on male characters too funny. Everyone kmows females are the weaker sex. I know first hand in real life agencies have to lower physical testing compliances for female applicants of police and fire departments because they can’t lift the weight or carry or run as fast etc, but that is another complaint. Yes it is so stupid you can see hollywood inserting black, asian, spanish characters just to appeal to other groups of ethnics when they aukwardly try to fit n the movie. They should just do like bollywood make indian movies or black movies separetly and leave original franchises alone. Making them continue as original classics.
    Thirdly why on earth would jj kill off Han solo?! He made stars wars funny now they insert a black man to take his place?! This is the problem with the way LGBTQ2 community is trying to brainwash and convert society into their sick beliefs and way of life. What is next a lead transvestite as a luke and leia mixed character! Starring caitlyn jenner as grand child off spring. Lol

  8. You must be a millennial who wouldn’t know a good movie if it bit them in the butt. I’m a huge star wars fan and all I can say is that you and people like you have ruined a great franchise by supporting this crap but you’re all too busy with your “duckspeak” to realize otherwise.

    1. Post

      I’ve noticed this trend among people these days. Rather than critique your points they call names like a child. Actually, I was alive and kicking when the original Star Wars came out in theaters, but then you would have known that if you bothered to read the article. Secondly, how could I have ruined the franchise? I’m not JJ Abrams or Disney; I didn’t make the movie. Since you didn’t read the article, I also said that if you liked the movie, fine. I didn’t (along with a lot of people), have no intention of seeing any other new Star Wars movies, and am quite content with watching the original 3 Star Wars annually to remind me of a time when “movies were magic.”

    2. I’m not a millennial, I remember when Star Wars came out, and saw Return of the Jedi when it hit theaters. I saw all of the prequels, and I can tell you that Austin is absolutely right. The Force Awakens was garbage.

      To this date, the Last Jedi remains the only Star Wars movie I haven’t seen. Until I can watch that stinker for free, that will remain the case.

  9. Post

    George, we have agreement. You are the first person who has made that clear: clone troops are different than storm troopers. Thanks. (Oh, and we agree the movie sucked.)

    1. If you played the game Star Wars Battlefront, they give an excellent explanation for the new stormtroopers – the First Order did indeed kidnap them as children and force them to be stormtroopers (AKA Halo). As for how the other stormtroopers recognized Finn, maybe they saw his face on a wanted poster or something.

      I have to say, the game’s storyline is excellent, better than the tripe in Awakens. The first campaign does an excellent episode 6.5, describing how Return of the Jedi led to the Empire’s downfall.

  10. Post

    George, honestly I don’t think you even read the article. I am NOT hung up on race, and never have been. It was JJ & Company that were hyper-fixated on race in a very condescending and demeaning way–points which I clearly made. Secondly, people keep telling me that the storm troopers are not clones. We had the Star Wars movie Attack of the Clones, then the cartoon series where they are all clones. Now, all of a sudden they aren’t clones–okay. I’m judging the Star Wars universe by its own movies, not the million and one books, comics, etc. Actually, I thought I was being nice because if they aren’t clones then that means this new Empire (extremely white White people) is running around the universe snatching Black people. Okay, if you want to go with that, be my guest. But none of it matters, I’m done with Star Wars. Star Trek ruined. Star Wars ruined. And the people (the real Sith) are laughing all the way to the bank with millions.

  11. John Boyega’s character was completely superfluous (= unnecessary) and what’s with the US accent and Ghetto speak? He’s English. He overacted and poorly acted and to gave him wield a light sabre was ridiculous. They need to axe him.

  12. Kylo Ren was going easy on Rey because he wanted to train her! and who cares if this beauty is uses a weird alien, well i don’t. everyone could expect Han to die in TFA. Han did always win from the bad guys atlast, but this was a whole other scenerio, this was his son and he didn’t expect Kylo to kill him. this is all written from my point of view and you can have your own opinion ofcourse. i liked all star-wars movies, and i liked phentom manace alot 2. and TFA 2. Maybe you should learn to accept change.

  13. I agree 100,000% with the original post. TFA was a series of character introductions slapped over a retread of A New Hope’s plot with some ridiculous coincidences, just plain dumb character motivations, and plot points sprinkled in. Nothing made ANY sense. The more I think about TFA, the worse it gets.

    Now that JJ has been announced as the director and co-writer of Episode IX, he’ll be able to put the final nail in Star Wars’ coffin.

  14. I absolutely adore this article. I agree with every single point made by you and wish that I had seen this article in 2015. Hollywood is so money hungry today and would rather make big money on a bad film than make a timeless masterpiece. Cudos to you for making such a great article, but I do have one thing to say. I understand your reasoning with the clones thing and how Finn must be a clone, but that’s not the case. The clone wars TV show actually is considered canon, along with many of the new novels in the new canon. The first stormtroopers were the clones, yes, but gradually they were replaced by human recruits trained from birth and taken from their families. The stormtroopers in A New Hope are not clones, and neither are the ones in The Force Awakens. This is further supported by the fact that Kylo Ren asks if he should get a Clone Army, but Hux claims his recruits are good enough. As for the scene where Finn is recognized by a fellow stormtrooper, this is actually because that stormtrooper was part of his unit when he was still in training. It was explained in a novel called Before the Awakening. I agree that this explanation is pretty bullshit and the movie should be able to exist without the need for watchers to read random novels or watch TV shows to make sense of the film (this film makes no sense) but I’m just saying what the actual explanation is.

  15. All you said is true. And it is truly dead. All I can hope for now is 50 years later is is revived, in the way Batman stopped being a 60’s camp character and became dark again. Between then and now I will no longer watch ‘Star Wars’ movies. Even my 8 year old saw through the last one

  16. There were not clones but i hated that movie very unorgnal just a new hope hated the villains too rogue one was alot better

  17. I had to stop reading at point 2 to make something very clear that is bugging me. You don’t seem to know much about the Star Wars Lore. Stormtroopers were NOT clones. The clone facilities on Kamino were destroyed after the Clone Wars ended. The Stormtroopers are various people throughout the Empire that serve after going through extensive training. Let’s hope I can read on without anymore mistakes to the lore please.

    1. Post

      That’s a strange comment considering I saw the original Star Wars in the movie theater in 1977. The Star Wars universe is endless when you include books, comics, video games. My post is only focused on the major motion pictures and in Attack of the Clones, Stormtroopers were showed to be clones. What was shown in the cartoon Clone Wars is not relevant to the movie. Furthermore, the scene I mention at the end makes no sense whatsoever if they are not clones. They are clones.

      1. So, as a premise, I am of the view that the scene makes no sense (quite a few others in the movie as well, actually). However, storm troopers are not *all* clones, and this can be shown without any supplementary material.

        If we go by the major films alone, and ignoring the destruction of the cloning facilities at kamino, here’s a few argument points on why:

        1. The Storm troopers voices are different. This is a subtle point, I know, but in Episode 4, 6*, and the new Rogue One, you can hear multiple troopers talking. In Episode 4, you can hear multiple storm troopers talking aboard the Death Star and have different voices. This is not coincidental, even aboard the prisoner vehicle in the first few scenes of Rogue One, we can hear two separate troopers talking, both with different voices (one with a distinguishable higher pitch). In contrast, you can hear troopers in Episode 6 with all the same voice. This is explained in Legends Cannon(501st, Vader’s fist, only remaining pure clone legion), but we have no explanation as of yet in “Micky Cannon”. You could say that this is before the idea of clones came to fruition, but the clone wars are mentioned in Episode 4. Also, it seems odd that Rogue One actually focused on that particular detail.

        2. Imperial Officers are no longer clones like Republic officers. During the Clone Wars, the Republic had many skilled commanders, but they were also all clones. Considering that one can say this was a fallback during the early battle of Geonosis, the Republic continued to use them in battle versus the CIS (Separatists) up till the end of the war with notable figures such as Commander Cody (who even removes his helmet in the film). Imperial officers, by contrast, are not clones at all. Although it would be valid to say that they changed this policy with the Empire, how do things like promotion and ranking work?

        3. Captain Phasma, female storm trooper. (wasted character). This is an example, but could always just be an exception to the rule.

        4. Other statements in films: the imperial academy that Luke’s friends went off to (mentioned by Owen and Beru in Episode 4), or that it explicitly says that they need to bolster their ranks in the film.

        5. In some regards a remark to ^4, Cloners are remarked as being unusual, secretive, etc. by Dex in Episode II. Cloners being an odd profession, uncommon in the SW universe. The first thing the New Republic would have gone after would be cloning facility, to slow the imperial supply lines. I mean why not?

        There isn’t enough evidence doing away with the EU to say that they are all clones.

      2. Storm troopers in episode 4 were not all the same height so it is unlikely they were clones. Furthermore when Obi Wan mentions the clone war in episode 4 it was never specified what this was until the prequels. The user who mentioned the part about them not being clones is correct. I do believe that TFA has problems, I feel it has become a little too Disney kiddie adventure. However I do not have any issues with the casting , I believe Boyega was good in his role and played the character well . You are entitled to your opinion but I believe it was good that Star Wars became more diverse. To me it didn’t feel forced but just a continuation of the story . People over play the importance of race in films like this especially when it is people of colour who are introduced or in fact women. To the user who called Finn’s speech ghetto I respectfully think you’re an idiot . I believe if it was a white actor speaking you would not make that judgement. Although I do question why he is speaking with an American accent .

        1. Post

          Hi J. Regarding Mr. Boyega, the reason I had such a problem with him (which you also noted) is that I know he’s British. Why did he chose the stereotypical “American Black accent”? If he genuinely speaks that way, I’d have no issue, but he doesn’t. I don’t like stereotypes whether they’re against Blacks, Whites, Asian, women, etc. Again, I thought we were supposed to be past all this in the 70s and 80s. However, again it was JJ Abrams and Disney that touted the “race” of the characters in TFA, not us. I just came to see a good movie, not to see Hollywood destroy the Star Wars franchise. Hmm…maybe I should write a space opera novel series to be made into a movie and see what I come up with.

    2. I came here to also say this. The author seems to not have a gasp of Star Wars lore. The empire started recruiting non clones into their ranks after clone production was stopped on Kamino. I assume this was a way to create support for the empire through the galaxy, giving some individuals a livelihood within the ranks empire.

    1. Flynny I agree,

      Horrible story plot. Horrible casting. Get rid of this movie. Do not even count it. And Make a new one. Nothing made any sense. The Story was a repeat of A NEW HOPE.
      And THE FORCE AWAKENS was not an epic movie It was rushed. RUSHED RUSHED RUSHED.
      Please. If you are a true Star Wars fan. Speak out against this movie. It is an insult to you

  18. Just watched this film, I agree with the authors comments. Abrams just decided to burn the whole franchise to the ground! I was angry throughout the film. But what was most dissapointing was they spent no time building up how evil the bad guys are, the weak cast couldn’t hold a candle to Peter Cushing’s character just seething with evil. They forgot all about the evil Nazi style rigid conformity introducing the dark side characters. The chain of command was nonexistent. The casual cold demeanor was fast forwarded making the “bad guys” harmless and useless, and now we have the obama like imposed character that was a janitor or something or trash collector onboard the new Deathstar that becomes a Stormtrooper and is now going to be the lead character throughout the sequals!!!??? The guy isn’t even a Jedi Night for Christ sake! And the bean counter race addicts getting all 57 ethnicitys in there was so over the top. Also got really tired of waiting for Skywalkers appearance that may as well never come, it was to little to late. I suppose Luke is going to come out of retirement and train the janitor how to become a Jedi in the next one? Never understood why the studios treated Mark Hamill like a redheaded stepchild for 30 years either. I guess all the great writers and villains from 1977 are long dead and forgotten. Next time Disney just ask me or don’t do another!


    Terrible! Its forever broken.

  19. Dude, do you not see the patern here. the author did his research, he speaks from the heart and thats what i look for. The Force Awakens is a Disgrace and you are blind to this fact. Disney is a menace and must be destroyed. I enjoy a good prequel more than that garbage.

  20. For me the biggest sin committed by The Force Awakens is how it rendered useless all the achievements of the main characters in the Original Trilogy. Fast forward 30 years after the defeat of the empire and we see that their lives were miserable, and the galaxy is a terrible place just like it was with the Empire.

    How can you ever watch again episodes IV-VI knowing that all that they are doing will not mean a thing? I’ve decided to completely ignore and to never watch any SW movie ever again, as this is the only way to reconcile myself with the beauty of the series. For me SW has ended with episode VI and they have lived happily ever after.

    1. This kind of reminds me of the Aliens movies. The first two were two of the best movies ever but then when the came out with the third one years later….it was basically aliens one all over again but on a desolate prison planet instead of a ship and it rendered everything accomplished in aliens two useless.

  21. Great article Totally on spot Don’t listen to the nay sayers They are just trying to create a purpose in their purposeless lives Your comments are brilliant

  22. Austin, your review is very accurate, full of very acute remarks and to the point critiques, and it speaks to my heart. I was very frustrated with the death of Star Trek and apparent terminal illness of Star Wars. I was looking at the reviews to understnad am I going crazy or htere are other people who saw the new Star Wars and Star Trek for what they really are, and finally your review as a beacon of light. You said it perfectly J. J. Abrams knows how to start but apoarently somewhere in the middle things start to die out. Let’s differentiate however directorship from story. The story in both Star Trek and Star Wars, I mean the recent ones is preposterous no connection witn the canon whatsoever. In case of Star Trek maybe even more so. Star Trek was always a place of hope for humanity, a place and time when humanity conquered nearly all the darkness of the soul and is on the path towards ascension. Suddenly, we fall from graces into hell with Spock being less logical and seemingly more impulsive than Kirk. With the entire Star Trek universe being corrupt and evil. Enough about new Star Trek, I get really angry and depressed when I think about it. I used to watch Star Trek and Star Wars non-stop, the new ones I watched once. The Force Awakens was so bad that I wanted to stop it mid movie. However as I said the directorship in Star Wars and Star Trek the act of shooting scences and conveying the message (whatever it is) J. J. Abrams does very well. The opening of new Star Trek or the action in Star Wars are very interesting. The story in those movies is dead. Star Wars is not the space or the ships or the actors, it is the story of the Force of the modern day humble heroes full with humor, courage, wisdom. For me it is something that sets standards for everyday life, for honesty, humility, wisdom and courage in an artistic form. The Force Awakens had no wisdom, no single remark that makes you reflect (yodaisms). The courage of the lead actors is blurred by the comic nature of them. There is humor but at the cost of the true story. I am so emotional about this that my entire comment is poorely worded and stylized for which I am sorry. I have been a true fan for both franchises and they actually played a role in my character formation. Now all is lost… Thank you for such a great review. You should try your hand at a story in either of those universes.

  23. I agree with most of your remarks, I don’t know for your community of Star Wars geek, but it was very clear in mine the this new Star Wars installment is a disappointment. The Jedi mind trick that the Disney/Hollywood industrial complex played on the masses and movie critics (have you seen the rating on Rotten Tomatoes?) didn’t do the trick on us. We are sometimes debating if it is the weakest one of all 7 or whether it is at par with attack of the clones. The rathtar chase scene in TFA gives a purpose to that stupid droid factory video game scene in AOTC. Looking at Star Wars’ unarguably most beloved character of all, Han Solo, fall to his doom in the quintessence of GCI ugliness also validates one of George Lucas most rightfully critiqued aspect of the prequel trilogy: the over use of CGI. Acting wise, I dare anybody to take a second look at that scene in TFA when Rey (Daisy Ridley) meets BP8 and say again that Hayden Christensen was that bad as Anakin. Jar Jar Abrams just doing a clumsy remake of episode 4 only proves George Lucas’s exceptional talent at movie making (there is no description how dull is the final X-Wing battle in TFA relatively to episode 4, or the lightsaber fight compared to any other in the six other movies).

    Disrespecting the Star Wars Universe you say? I wonder how bad will they f$&k it up? Remember that Death Star Killer planet base attack plan scene (that lasts as long as it takes to set up a conference call)? Remember that smart Asian officer (no racial stereotypes here) that figures out in seconds how to blow the thing up by hitting the thermo nuclear hexadronic hyperspace neutrino oscillator? Because the whole purpose of Episode 4 was taking the Death Star plans from a wrecked rebel ship to the rebellion command center and that now they’ll do a whole movie about how the rebels actually did steal those plans (Rogue One). Will we see any geonosians in this movie since according to Lucas, they are the guys about to design and build that thing? Who cares anymore? That Starkiller attack plan scene is the worst sequence of the whole Star Wars franchise and would be more appropriate in a Space Balls sequel. Unfortunately, it involves real Star Wars characters (Leia, Han & Chewie)! It is so painful to watch it kills the whole suspense of the TFA’s final chapter and invalidates the whole movie, if not the whole Star Wars saga…

    I’ll stop right here, I’m about to loose my temper. Thanks, Austin, for your intelligent critique though.

    1. Post
  24. Thanks Austin. You nailed it. Disney literally screwed the pooch on this didn’t they? Not one single ounce of being original. Movies are suppose to entertain and push forward a little bit of artistry. I saw none of that in this movie. I think what pissed me off the most about the whole JJ clusterbomb that was The Force Awakens was how weak of a dualist Kylo was. They might as well made Kylo a transginger(South Park reference),testosterone lacking, bra and panty wearing baboon boy!! For the Star Wars faithful,it was extremely nausea inducing.

  25. Post

    I can’t believe I’m still getting hits all the time on this article. It’s more popular than my Walking Dead is Great Shakespeare, Bobba Fett’s New Years’ Resolution, or any of my Art Inspirational posts combined!

    1. Worst Star Wars ever. I had very high expectations from this episode… only to find myself thinking WHAT MOVIE AM I WATCHING? Everything from the characters to the plot were off. Wow what crap screening is this? Half these actors wouldn’t make it anywhere close to Broadway let alone a Classic LEGACY like Star Wars! What is wrong with you? Ruining a life long loved movie legacy, you should be ashamed. Star Wars is dead because of YOU. What a disgrace to the theater.

  26. Your comments on race are interesting, but might I remind you that the Roman Empire began recruiting non-Romans into its military toward the end of its life. It seems likely that the Galactic Empire would do a similar thing to shore up its forces as it faced defeat at the hands of the Rebellion.

    1. Post

      Yes, John that is true but let’s not fool ourselves. This filmmakers are playing racial politics of the lowest order. Even after this travesty I still call myself a Star Wars fan–yes, I was there in person to see the one that started it all in 1977–though I may not be seeing any others. Also, what happened to clones? Using clones they don’t have to snatch anyone.

  27. You forget that even with a high midi-chlorean count, a jedi still had to be trained in the ways of the Force. Anakin – for all his immaculate conception – still got his butt handed to him by Dooku, twice in one duel. Which is why Rey’s and Finn’s defeat of Kylo Ren is just downright stupid. And don’t give me that excuse that Ren was injured by Chewie’s bow. Luke gave a blow to Vader in the neck and Vader still kicked his butt.

  28. The evil young sith noob was not original. in this link JJ Abrams explained that he bases it of “how young people are misguided”, how unoriginal. Why could the evil young sith lord be captured and tortured by some evil new empire and the movie is about the young girl STEALING a ship and getting word of this after escaping her desert planet and running into a space battle with han solo and luke against some gang of pirates who know the were abouts of the prisoner son?? The star wars Force Awakens needs to be put back to sleep to dream about a better movie…

  29. There was books about han solo having kids that didn’t kill him; Luke, Princess Leya, and han solo had more adventures fighting rebel sith lords and bounty hunters but instead we get so rubbish for a movie. WHY ON EARTH DID THEY PICK THIS OVER A GOOD transition, example: where there are new planets mixed in with the rebels who now are creating peace while the neo rebels (sith lords) try to stop them in unthinkable ways. This movie should not have been made. I think star wars 1 was good because they brought POD RACING; Star was 2 was good because of the yoda figth and seeing all the jedi together like never before and bounty hunter action. Star wars three was good because the pain of jedi kiled off was dramatic. Star wars 4-6 are classics and I will not touch them. Starwars seven was about some street rat, what is this aladin disney? You associated the storm trooper with a race? Should have been gender neutral. Nothing big other than Han Solo Dying!!!! No pod races, no interesting jedi, teenage drama killed Han Solo!! JJ Abrams did you see how powerful Han’s pistel is in the New Battle Font game?? JJ Abrams abused the Starwars universe. The only way to stop JJ Abrams is to not buy any more of his stuff and run him out of buisness so they will hire someone new. *Drops the mic*

  30. His movie was traaash. How can Han Solo be beaten by a little punk? Why do we have faces combined with stoorm toopers? Stom troopers where cool because we did not know what they looked like. All a sudden some director JJ abrams decided to open the lid. There was no bounty hunter; WHERES A GOOD BOBO FETT or JANGO FETT???? WHY is the main character so mad??? Who cares about mediocre characters suce as a X wing fighter, hes no anakin; who cares about so random storm trooper, does not have the balls nor originality to carry interest. I don’t want reality when I see a movie, I want entertainment about things that are not related to the real world. The monster scene in space was the best part but that seemed to be over powered for a starwars movie. The main character could look cooler…

  31. Agree 100%. I haven’t even seen the entire movie. I walked out of the theatre about 30 minutes into it I was so disgusted.

    Literally nothing made sense, I could not connect to a single character all the way up to the introduction of Chewbacca and Han Solo.

    (As if Han Solo would just “lose” his baby and decide to stop looking for it)

    The plot sucked, the characters were lame, the villain was a cry baby, and there was simply nothing interesting to see.

    As a random sci-fi flick it would have been worth $1 at Red Box. As a Star Wars movie it was unwatchable. What Disney and JJ did to the franchise was just infuriating offensive.

  32. I don’t even want anything star wars in my possession anymore after being a lifelong fan I fucking hate it. That is the nicest thing I can now say about it. I will never ever watch a star wars ever again. You summed up many of my feelings brother. Adios aribaderche sayanara and good fucking bye!!

  33. Terrific article. Summarized everything that frustrated me about the movie. While the shoehorned diversity of the main-characters bothered me, I was most bothered by the lack of sincerity in this movie that was in the original trilogy–and even in the prequels beneath the poor script. Star Wars was always a sincere film-saga that never cared to conform to the mainstreams of Hollywood. The fact that TFA cheapened the film so much by essentially pandering for laughs with Finn’s misplaced humor, and the bluntly obvious attempt to represent every ethnicity and gender in the film was really disappointing. I’m not at all against diversity–loved Billy Dee Williams as Lando, and Samuel L. Jackson as Windu–but TFA was so poorly done.

    1. Post

      Thanks Josh for comments. Looks like I am being vindicated. When the movie came out people didn’t want to hear even a minor critique and my article sent them over the edge. Now, they agree with me.

  34. this blog explains almost everything that i hated about the movie. one thing you left out is how the audience learned that ren is han’s son so early in the movie. after that i already knew that han is going to die. i disagree with you on jj abrams star trek movies, i am a fan of both star trek and star wars series and jj abrams ruined both series for me.

    1. Post

      Thanks Alberto. JJ’s first Star Wars movie is a classic and proudly own it. Sadly, the second was awful. But again, how in the universe can you surpass Ricardo Montalban’s portrayal of Khan. Benedict Cumberbatch could best anyone before him (maybe equal with Robert Downey Jr.) in the role of Sherlock Holmes, but not Khan.

      1. You mean first Star Trek movie right? Anyway I like both Star Trek movies actually…

        I just really really hate what JJ did with Star Wars…I mean come on? Where is Jacen Jaina and Anakin Solo? Why do we have Kylo Ren?? JJ should stick to the Star Wars original universe..that damn idiot!

        I hore Captain America Civil War kick the box office off this Force Awakens.

        P.S As bad as Batman v Superman…it is far a lot better than Force Awakens.

  35. I’m glad I’m not the only one who left the movie with a bad taste in their mouth. Looks like stereotypes were strong in this film. Comedic useless black guy with serious overpowered white chick. Only thing missing was a ripped up buff ass martial arts master asian guy wiping the floor with everyone, oh wait that’s me!

    1. Wow I am with you 100%. I cringed fpr most of the movie. Got out of there and though I was just robbed of $20. Most politically correct movie ever.

  36. Well, thank god it isn’t just me.

    I almost feel bad that I want to trash TFA and Abrams, like I am betraying SW somehow. This also means that I have to trash Lawrence Kasdan! I don’t think he can be held responsible. I suspect he had all the really good plot ideas which JJ then combined, along with Disney execs, into this vapid pastiche of the Star Wars Universe. It was like watching Chevy Chase become his very own persona, so much so that he no longer was funny (he managed to realize this at some point and came back, however). JJ Abrams has that habit of creating a recursive feedback loop, confusing the mythos of SW for the foundations of his origin story of TFA, the setup for the next 2+ movies and spinoffs. It was like watching the longest preview of Parts IV, V, and VI. He said he made it for the fans, and that you can tell, but which fans? The people that watched Lost and claimed to be SW fans but only saw it once? I guess the original fans – those of us that saw it SW in the theater don’t count. We expect *craft* in our movies and were the last generation to truly see this, I think.

    That all said, what upset me the most in terms of representational annoyance was that our dear friend Chewbacca wasn’t even allowed to mourn. I mean, Han is killed and the only thing we see is sad Leia? Shouldn’t Leia and Chewie have hugged, at least?! He’s been alive for almost 240 years at this point and the last 40+ (at least!) he spent with Han? I’m pretty sure that he was playing with Kylo as a baby, a toddler, a teenager, and all we get is him running out of the Falcon and standing by the crowd in the background? Are you fucking serious? We understood Han through Chewie and Chewie helped Han make him who he was. Chewie helped pilot the Falcon to destroy the Death Star fucking TWO TIMES!!! What a terrible oversight that is emblematic of the naive perspective shown towards this amazing mythology created 40 years ago.

    To me that was the biggest fuck you to the past. You’re dead, Han. Chewie? We don’t care about you. Leia? No wise cracks or life in you. The past is dead. Luke, you’re next. Oh, wait, maybe you left Rey on Tantooine…oops, Jakku. Lame.

  37. I agree with your post. The movie had some decent parts but overall was just as bad as the phantom menace. It’s funny how upset some people are at you for writing a little truth.

  38. I agree with your assertions 100%. This movie is a complete cop out and shows that all of Hollywood is creatively bankrupt; except in their marketing strategy. There was a time when film was considered to be not only a form of art, but sincere expression as well. The masterful blending of character, dialogue, camera angle, set-piece chemistry, lighting and a plethora of other factors were crucial to making a great film. It has been made into something cheap and hollow by an audience of infantile children who “only want to entertaiiiiined” along with the executives who only want to make money. Anyways, as you said, one can only hope this trend will one day end, but the chances of it happening soon seem pretty low with the financial success of the new SW movie.

    Anyways ‘Force Awakens’=Huge disappointment, they could have at least made a GOOD rip off. Horrible acting, dialogue, and directing.

  39. I did very much enjoy the movie. I am sorry for all the backlash you are getting on your post. I think you have made some interesting points, and I think it is great that you have made the choice to say your thoughts in this digital arena where blood is often shed more than necessary. Keep it up and good luck with Liquid Cool. I am currently in the process of getting my first scifi published. To 2016!

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  41. Apparently, the script says Ren was ‘weakened’ by killing Han. I’m not sure how that is supposed to work. But it quite annoyed me that Ren was shown to be so weak there. Even weakened, he has years of training, whereas Rey doesn’t…

  42. It was the most entertaining movie in the franchise. It doesn’t have to be more than that; it’s just a movie.

    Quit taking it so personally, Star Wars owes you nothing and has been driven by money/marketing since Ewoks.

    1. Post

      Owes me? Never said they owe me or anyone anything. If they want to ruin Star Wars (from my standpoint), it’s theirs to do so. They own it. And Star Wars marketing was before the Ewoks. I had all the toys as a kid.

  43. This is a very saddening article, poor guy can’t see past his own immenseness, apparently he had a better idea for a better star wars movie. I feel sorry for someone who hates diversity, hates new ideas, like the first order refusing to train clones. But I guess he missed that part of dialogue in the film and also perhaps that Kyloe ren was Shot before battling rey. I think if you are going to be a journalist and review a movie actually watch it first, and I don’t mean sit there looking at it chortling over your own immense ideas, actually watch it. My advice to you is to give up your job because you are terrible at it

    1. Post

      Strange response because I’m not a journalist nor did I say or suggest I was. I’m a regular guy who also happens to have a blog and have my own free-formed opinions too. Also, you seemed to miss the whole part about fake diversity versus real diversity. There is a difference. I’m all about new ideas–as long as they’re good.

    2. The author is so spot on and you are such a fagot! There are no new ideas in Hollywood that would be to risky for them, they just do so called “remakes” and re-boots” modified for political correctness! BORING!

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