Happy New Year 2016!

photo-1444703686981-a3abbc4d4fe3This is actually my first post of the new year. My controversial “Top 10 Reasons Why Star Wars Sucks” was posted on the 1st, but was actually my last post of 2015. So what’s the plan for 2016? On the home page of my website, I did lay out most of it. Do everything bigger and better!

Lots of people have their New Years’ resolutions, short-term and long-term plans. But my plan started back in 2013 with the publishing of my first book. This is Year Four of that plan and first up will be the re-release of my first two books, Thy Kingdom Fall and Stars and Scorpions. In a way, I’ll begin this year with how I began three years ago, but this time I actually know what I’m doing writing and publishing-wise.

This month is all about my science fiction and international thriller After Eden series; the series that started it all. This year I also release the fourth main book of the series, Red Halo, and may even have a surprise for fans. Red Halo will the final installment of our introduction to the groups that make up the Resistance (or the Continuum). After that will be the actual beginning of War World III.

It’s quite a thing to hold such a massive work in your head for all these years. When I wrote the first word of the first book, Thy Kingdom Fall, I also had the last word of the seventh book. It is a series that is set eighty years in the future and spans some sixty-six years–all the characters, the groups, the factions, the history, politics, religion, and technology. Add to that the three companion books—Metal Flesh, Hell’s Menagerie, and even Pure Conspiracy—were not part of the original seven book series, but were created to give away. Now, I can’t image the series without those three books.

Let’s see how all of it turns out as the year unfolds.

If you’re not a VIP Readers’ Club member already, join and get Metal Flesh for free. And if you’re on Amazon or Kobo, pick up Pure Conspiracy for free. (Just click on the book links in this paragraph.) Enjoy.

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