The Writing “Vacation”

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Ah, the Writing “Vacation.” It reminds me of old movies where the writer arrives, settles into some beach bungalow–a cool breeze blowing, the backdrop of a crystal blue ocean, and plants himself in front of typewriter (that thingamagig we used before laptops, and even desktop computers) to immerse himself typing away at his latest novel. I believe a writer should write daily until they get the first draft of their novel at the very least, then it's the writers preference as to how many drafts and how long it takes to get it to “perfection.”

Well, maybe I can’t get away to Bora Bora in Tahiti or the Caribbean for that beach bungalow, but I can use the locales I have to “get away” for my writer's vacation. The intrusion of life is normal and so should writing during those intrusions. I just block out an hour, ninety minutes, or two hours do get my daily writing done; more on the weekends. But I need a writing “vacation” this time.

April 4th we sent out all the prizes of our first Amazon Gift Card giveaway of the year, just in time for Easter. I had planned to make a few major announcements this month but…ah, let’s do it next month. For the balance of April, I’m gone on Writer's Vacation. I’ll enjoy my Los Angeles locales as I work on multiple books (wait 'til you see the covers!)—both old and new series.

Stay tuned for those announcements and don't forget, The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is May 1st!

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