First Blog Tour and Giveaway of 2015–A Great Success!

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.

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Well, last month was crazy! But it was a good crazy with my “Nice Horrible Things” Blog Tour and $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. I want to thank everyone who entered the giveaway. Out of over 10,000 people, we had three winners: Ron G., Lori D., and Amy O. Congratulations!

It was our first giveaway for 2015 and it was a huge success. We also had a Blog Tour at the same time and I want to thank all our Blog Tour hosts and you can still see all the blog stops HERE.  We had a lot of fun and look forward to the next one.

The Book Releases.

All this March madness was for the releases of the latest novel in my science fiction After Eden thriller series, Hell’s Menagerie; and for my debut classic horror series, Hollow Blood and, yes it’s out too, The Devil’s Patch (Sleepy Hollow Horrors, Book 1 and 2). Later on, I will combine Hell’s Menagerie with Metal Flesh to release paperback and hardcover print versions; as well as the print versions of the Sleepy Hollow Horrors’ books.

Lots done for the first three months of the year! And welcome to all our latest VIP Readers’ Club members. You couldn’t have joined at a better time.

Remember Hell’s Menagerie and Hollow Blood are 50% off until the end of this month.


Behind the Scenes: Phase II

For those fans of Marvel Comics or those who keep up with entertainment news, Marvel has phases for all its movie releases: from Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and into the future with Ant-Man, Black Panther, and the InHumans–I believe up to the year 2020. At first felt that was a bit obsessive until I realized that 2020 is only five years away! (Am I the only one who feels that this is all a bit surreal?)

I am a firm believer in setting ambitious, but realistic goals, professionally or personally (I had a blog post earlier this year on my training to run a marathon). I have my own “phases” for all my new book releases in 2015 and Phase I is done. And Phase III will be ground-shaking, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

What is Phase II? If I were another author, my seven-book futuristic After Eden series would be played out over seven years. However, since I am definitely not the average writer, eighteen months after the release of the first book, Thy Kingdom Fall, the series will be half-way done with the release of Red Halo later this year. The final three books will be released next year.

This series will always hold a special place for me as it was the work that got me to write again after not writing a single word of fiction in over fifteen years. There will plenty of series and other genres, but After Eden will always be the first.

So I created an “introductory” novel to the entire series that I could give away to readers. Phase II will be this novel and I will be revealing the name and cover soon. Stay tuned.

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