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I like the word “phase” in my own life, both personally and professionally, when I’m planning big changes and major goals. Marvel Studios also seems to like that word and is giving us a list of every single, solitary marvel super hero movie to 2020. As an avid comic book collector when I was a kid, and a huge fan of the Phase I movies (with the advances of film CGI, we can create anything we can imagine), even I think that’s a bit of overkill.

I have my own phases for my book releases this year. I’m no longer an Apprentice; I’m the full-fledged Jedi now. I began my writing life with my After Eden Series, with the bold fictional undertaking of projecting out our own current times—technology, culture, politics, and religion—to seventy-five years in the future, and culminating with World War III. I released Thy Kingdom Fall (Book #1) that first year. The next year, I released Stars and Scorpions (Book #2) and Rising Leviathan (Book #3), then I was planning on doing a crowd-funding campaign (decided not to) and wrote and released a companion novella, Metal Flesh (After Eden Series: Tek-Fall, Episode I)—so three books in one year. And now we’re in 2015—my third year as an author.

The significant thing about this year is that it will be my first year as a multi-genre author. I love science fiction and that will make up the bulk of my writing, but I love other things too. My Phase I for my book releases this year are as follows:

1) Hell’s Menagerie (After Eden Series: Tek-Fall, Episode II). This is the conclusion of the story that began in the Metal Flesh novella. The search for the ‘Man Made Out of String’ was only the small part of a larger mission by the Faithers.
2) Hollow Blood (Sleepy Hollow Horrors, Book 1). My first published horror novel is based on my own short story I wrote as a child, some thirty years ago. Yes, that long ago.
3) The Devil’s Patch (Sleepy Hollow Horrors, Book 2). The conclusion of the Sleepy Hollow Horrors. Two words: Super Posse!
4) Tek-Fall (The After Eden Series). Metal Flesh and Hell’s Menagerie are only ebooks, so I combined them into one book and added bonus material to offer in both ebook and print versions. And it has a creepy cover.

Four releases on March 30, 2015—science fiction and horror.

Unlike Marvel Studios with their movies, I’m not going to lay out every single, solitary book release for the year. There’s value to simply surprising people and building a solid reading audience with that work.

However, with my relatively new website, one already knows the other coming genres: mystery, fantasy, and YA dystopia. More genres and more After Eden to come for 2015!


My current books are all listed here.

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