Part II – Bobba Fett’s Top 12 New Year’s Resolution Tips!

Part II of Bobba Fett’s Top 12 New Year’s Resolution Tips.

#8. “Have The Best Tools, Man!” Use the Best Tools to Help You Achieve Success.

In my last post, I talked about training for a marathon. The “tools of the trade” would be everything from the proper diet to the proper running shoes. As an author, my tools include the best writing software, my author platform (website and social media), etc. If your resolution is to be a world traveler, be that thing. If it’s to be a top cyclist or to learn scuba diving, then learn what tools others, who have gone before you, recommend and use. Doing the research (Tip #2) is so important–and fun. Since I’m an author, this also includes being on the lookout to converse and hang out with fellow writers. It would be the same as runner, cyclist, skydiver, amateur race car driver, amateur boatsman, etc.

#9. “The Team!” (Okay, my father and I ignored this one, but we were bounty hunters. Bounty hunters don’t work well with others. But you aren’t us.) Others Help You Do Your Best.

Bossk-Empire-Strikes-Back2You have the tools. Now you need the team. Some resolutions you can complete solo with no problem. With others, having a team behind you is essential to success. If it’s getting in shape, why not join a cross-fit team. If it’s to visit all fifty states or start visiting overseas countries, why wouldn’t you want to team up with a group? As an author, only I can write the story, but without others, I would never be able to put out the best product. For me, my editors, book cover designers, network of promoters to get the word out about the book, and so on are all essential.

#10. “Relax!” Make Sure “Nothing” is Also Part of the Plan.

In some religions, like Judaism and Christianity, a day of rest (the Sabbath) is actually obligatory–though most ignore it. God took six days to create the time, the universe, and everything else, but rested on the seventh. Whether religious or not, the concept is critical to success. You are not the Terminator. You actually must stop at some point and rest. To use a bodybuilding example, it isn’t the reps you do on the bench press that builds strength. It’s the time that you rest in between and afterwards.

Go further. Schedule not just rest, but fun! (Two separate things and you schedule them as such).

You have a good plan to start your New Year’s task or adventure. Make sure you don’t overdo it or burn yourself out. Schedule your “zero time” into your plan– your time to do absolutely nothing, but breathe. You don’t have to run every single day to get in shape or go to a meeting everyday for your new gourmet chef beginner classes. Work hard, play hard. And play equals: Rest, reflect, recreate.

#11. “Expect the Unexpected.” Stay Focused.

500px-Sarlacc-BTM-DBTip #4 talked about avoiding the distractions that keep you from starting your resolution strong at the beginning. But once you get over that hurdle, there could be many more distractions to come–or just life in general. Adjust and stay focused on your plan.

It deserves repeating: It takes 30 days for a new task to become a habit. Stick with it and it becomes part of your DNA–the new “you.”

#12. “Why Are You Even Doing This? I’m Sure It’s Not to Read Bobba’s 12 Amazing Resolution Tips.” Motivation Matters.

Why are you doing this? Yes, why? “I want to get in shape because I want to have that beach body to attract the babes.” Hmm. Is that really a motivation worthy of you? “I want to get in shape to have a better quality of life, have more energy, and have an overall healthier life.” That’s better. Know what your own motives are for starting your New Year’s resolutions, because that in itself could lay the foundation for your ultimate failure. Sure, having a beach body is great, I guess, but are you really going to do all this work, so you can drive all the way to the beach, spend half an hour or more to find parking, trek to the beach, hang around trying not to get sunburn, then realize that you’re in a lousy spot (no babes/dudes around), then you have to go all the way home, but this time it takes twice as long. You walk through the door frustrated and tired. How long do you think you’ll stick with your plan to get in shape after a few instances likes those? But how about have a beach body wherever you are, whether on the beach or walking through the supermarket. Which do you think is better? The big picture is always a better motivator than the small and trivial.

Here’s a Recap of Bobba Fett’s Top 12 New Year’s Resolution Tips:

#1. “Don’t Be a Nerf Herder.” Have a Solid Plan First.
#2. “Fuzzball, the Planning is the Second Step.” The Pre-Plan is Just As Important As the Plan.
#3. “Forget the Force.” Just Do It!
#4. “Don’t Look At the Death Star. Keep Your Eyes on the Goal.” Sidestep the Distractions.
#5. “You See With Your Mind. Not Your Eyes.” Adjust Your Perspective.
#6. “I Dream of Han Solo in Carbonite.” Visualize It!
#7. “I Admire the Cut of Your Jibb, Darth.” Look For Inspiration In Others!
#8. “Have The Best Tools, Man!” Use the Best Tools to Help You Achieve Success.
#9. “The Team!” Others Help You Do Your Best.
#10. “Relax!” Make Sure “Nothing” is Part of the Plan.
#11. “Expect the Unexpected.” Stay Focused.
#12. Why Are You Even Doing This?” Motivation Matters.

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