The “So Much Liquid Cool” Super Kindle-iPad Giveaway!

In anticipation of the March 31st Liquid Cool releases of Book Two (Blade Gunner), Book Three (NeuroDancer), and Book Four (The Electric Sheep Massacre), we have another giveaway! — a super giveaway for a super release.

Our new “So Much Liquid Cool” Kindles Super Giveaway” begins Monday, March 6th and ends Friday, March  31st at midnight.

Enter below for your chance to win!

All you need to enter the Giveaway is your email and verify your minimum age–that’s it!

However if you want extra chances to win and spread the word, you have plenty of choices–as few or as many as you like.

Author Austin Dragon’s “So Much Liquid Cool” Kindle-iPad Super Giveaway

For those Leaving Comments on this page for the Giveaway, the question is:

If you win the giveaway prize, what is the first ebook/book you’ll get — title, author, genre and why?


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  1. My first ebook would be anything V.C. Andrews. I have always been a huge fan and in love the style of her writing .. even her mysterious ghost writer after she passed.

  2. I would read the newest Philippa Gregory novel, Three Sisters Three Queens. I love her seamless blending of historical fact and fiction.

  3. Christopher Moore: Lamb. Why because I love the book it is humorous and I need humor in my life at this moment.

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