Liquid Cool Release Explosion: NeuroDancer!

This month’s three-part blog post continues with the scoop on the next Liquid Cool series release of Book Three: NeuroDancer!

I have a confession to make. I have never read the William Gibson novel, Neuromancer, considered to be the classic that launched the sci-fi genre, cyberpunk. I tried to read it twice, but like Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, I couldn’t get into it. I have a simple rule for all authors, whether it’s Stephen King or a debut writer: I give you 50 pages to hook me. If you can’t, I’m gone. I wanted to like Neuromancer, but didn’t even get 30 pages in. I am far too busy, so I can’t be charitable. I usually have a few short blocks of time each year to do my binge-reading, which I try to cram in as many books as possible.

However, if you loved Gibson’s Neuromancer, great! But…my NeuroDancer is not that. It is about….NeuroDancer.

Who is title of the third Liquid Cool novel?

Here’s a paragraph from the novel:

“I had seen many beautiful women in my life. I was marrying one. This one was one of those movie star-model-politician trophy wife-cgi VR game bimbos—a description I would learn was quite prophetic. Later, I would know her by the name that everyone on the planet and beyond called her—NeuroDancer. I should have thrown her out of my office with her faux-British accent right there, but stupidly, I would take her case.”

In previous novels, our hero, Cruz, deals with crime syndicates, Super Cyborgs, sinister secret megacorporations, Blade Gunner, but this time it is the one who he calls “The Dame.” The world knows her as NeuroDancer. We also learn that she is Cruz’s arch-nemesis villain.

That is a very bold statement to make, because Cruz has faced the meanest, most dangerous villains out there. Can a world-famous dance performer really top them all? That’s for you to find out.

As with all Liquid Cool cases, there’s more–much more.

Also stay tuned for its amazing book cover. So grab your copy in March and find out about NeuroDancer, the plot, ex-gangster boyfriends and…neurosorcery? And yeah, our hero detective gets shot again.

In the next blog post (3 of 3), I talk about Liquid Cool Book 4–The Electric Sheep Massacre!

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