Liquid Cool Release Explosion: Blade Gunner!

My Liquid Cool new release explosion is next month! Liquid Cool Book Two: Blade Gunner will be here!

The response to my sci-fi/cyberpunk, private detective series has been phenomenal and I haven’t even begun the real promotion for the series. The simple reason was I only had the debut novel. But in March 2017, there will be four novels!

Yes, it’s crazy. I’m releasing three novels in one month. There is a method to the madness, but putting that aside, there will be a lot of material for readers and fans to enjoy.

In this three-part blog series, I wanted to talk a bit about each new novel, but without any spoilers.

Liquid Cool is different from my other series in that humor is front-and-center with the action. I get to combine two favorite genres—science fiction and detective thriller—in the series. I often describe Liquid Cool as Blade Runner meets the Maltese Falcon.

In Liquid Cool Book One, we are introduced to our hero, Cruz, the colorful cast of characters, the supercity of Metropolis and its “world”—super-skyscrapers, hovercars, the rain, cyborgs, etc. Cruz, a hovercar enthusiast and restorer, falls into the detective biz and once he does, there is no going back. He is knee-deep in the “grime and crime” of the city and doesn’t just go up a few gangsters; he faces off against an entire criminal syndicate.

How do you top that?

Well, as a writer, I don’t try to top the previous work. I set my goal to maintain the high bar set by the original book and simply tell another great story to the reader. For subscribers to my site, they already knew what the next book was and some even got a chance to read the first chapter—Blade Gunner.

Yes, I do have a jokester streak in me, which my Liquid Cool series allows me to fully express. I am a long time fan of the Ridley Scott sci-fi movie classic Blade Runner and my Liquid Cool series was heavily influenced by its visuals.

So what happens in Blade Gunner, Liquid Cool Book Two?

The best way to describe this shadowy assassin, who uses a “blade gun” weapon like no other, is to use a couple of lines from the novel.

“He was deemed so dangerous by [Up-Top] authorities…to get him, the Founders were willing to do anything, including blowing up an entire space colony or even a monolith housing tower filled with innocents from orbit.”

But there’s more!

Isaac Asimov becomes the source of a new religion for a cult of…Super Cyborgs.

Cruz also has to deal with a secret megacorporation named…Gidrah.


Blade Gunner is packed with action, cyborgs, androids, robots, Martians, and more. Yeah, I wrote and I can’t wait to read it (again).

In the next blog post (2 of 3), I talk about Liquid Cool Book 3–NeuroDancer!

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