Liquid Cool 2019

I’m Cruz. Whatcha Want?

In 2015, when I introduced readers to the rainy, Blade Runner-ish world of Liquid Cool it was the tonal reverse of my first sci-fi series, After Eden. Both series are dystopian sci-fi but where After Eden was the events and people leading to WW III 75 years in the future (very somber and certainly not funny), Liquid Cool is a brisk, sci-fi detective thriller with lots of action and laughs too.

Back when I was getting the debut novel ready, I released a prequel short, These Mean Streets, Darkly, but I got plenty of “okay, but I want to read the first novel now” and “love it but where’s the rest of the story!” The debut novel Liquid Cool (Book One) came out in 2016. Incredibly in 2017, I released six Liquid Cool novels all in the same year. Last year, I launched my first Liquid Cool Kindle Unlimited installment with the title, Classic Cyborg.

With the first six main novels, we got to see our protagonist evolve from hovercar restorer and laborer to a full-fledged Metropolis street detective taking down plenty of bad guys with some intriguing and scary names. Yes, he got shot at too many times to count and shot for real and put in the hospitals, chased by robot Dobermans, and even had a robot cat try to devour his hand, but our “famous detective” is still standing strong.

We also got to meet all the “players” of the Cruz’s world: PJ (Punch Judy), Dot (China Doll), Run-Time, Phishy, and more. Cruz even got to meet his “posthumous” mentor in real life! We don’t only get to see Cruz close cases but get to ride along in his life’s adventures–marriage, first kid, and the Hell Spawn (his parents’ in law)–all while building his Liquid Cool Detective Agency reputation over one novella, seven novels and three years of his life.

However, unlike my other series, Liquid Cool has no end. We move from one big case to another to solve. These past six main books had a definite arc for Cruz. He is the professional and no longer the amateur or newbie. But what now? How many “save the world” cases can one street detective get in Metropolis? Well these big cases will continue to follow him like metal to a magnet, so the answer is: as long as he’s breathing! And that’s what we want.

For 2019, you’re going to get three Liquid Cool novels (cases). Book 7 will involve the future’s version of the United Nations, Book 8 will be on the moon (you’re going to LOVE the title) and Book 9 will be a cozy murder mystery Liquid Cool style.

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  1. I’m waiting patiently for fabled Quest Chronicles, When can we expect the 3rd installment? I’m dying here!💋

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