Featured: Upcoming New Release in Horror (The Sleepy Hollow Horrors)

Hollow Blood (Sleepy Hollow Horrors, Book 1)

I always loved the story of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow as a kid. Many will think I wrote this novel because of the American television series Sleepy Hollow. Actually it’s based on my own short-story written about thirty years ago. (Wow, being able to say that I did something “thirty years ago” is almost scarier than the book.)

Headless-Horseman_55646-lThe original story I wrote, back then, began and ended with what is now the first of four parts of my current version. The main character comes to Sleepy Hollow ten years after the ‘disappearance’ of Ichabod Crane—to find his murderer.

I like horror, but as I wrote in previous posts most of the horror today is crap. This is even more so when it comes to television and movies. The classics of horror—The Exorcist, The Shining, you have to include Alien (more horror than sci-fi), etc.—we have to go back a few decades. When horror works, it works brilliantly.

Most of my work will be science fiction, but for my foray into horror, I’m going to write the horror I’d like to read and see on the big screen. Violence is a given, but not the gratuitous torture horror, slasher-horror, or super-human serial killers. Not interested. Scary is good. Shocking you is good. Creepy in a good way is…good. The Sleepy Hollow Horrors have all of that and more.

Check back on February 1st for the Cover Reveal

Note: The conclusion of Hollow Blood will also be released the same day–The Devil’s Patch (Book 2). Both new titles will be available for Pre-order on February 1st. Release Day is March 30, 2015.

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