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OLd typewriterI began my latest incarnation as a writer back in 2012 after not writing a word of fiction for more than 15 years! It all started out as an item on my “New Year’s List,” wherein I pick a few new things that I will do that year. In 2012, one of the items was to write and publish a full novel. Little did I know, that it would unleash an avalanche of creativity that I am still completely in awe of. To be very clear, I am in awe of the talent, not me. I take no credit for it; other than to say I was born with it. In 2013, I did publish that novel. In 2014, I published three novels (but I actually wrote another two that I’m finally releasing next month). In 2015, I will be releasing at least six new novels, including new books in my After Eden sci-fi series and introducing new series and genres.

The publishing industry is in a state of flux and the only thing can say about it with certainty is that it will remain that way for some time. Traditional publishing has fallen a bit with the Big 6 (including the major book chains) trying to hold on to their “glory days.” Then you have the rise of Self-Publishing and independent authors.

You have the anti-self-publishing traditional publishers now trying to get in on the action by creating platforms to work with self-published authors. You have anti-traditional independents more than willing to cross over to the “dark side” (their words) and sign with a traditional publishing house. We even have hybrid authors now who publish one series with a traditional publisher and self-publish another.

Strangely, I have become my own best experiment on this new publishing landscape. In the old days, an author only one book release a year—hardcover first, paperback about six months later, and there was no such thing as ebooks. We have some authors saying they need two book releases to stay afloat. We have some authors who only release their books digitally as ebooks, completely abandoning print and bookstore altogether. We have the separate worlds of fiction writing versus nonfiction writing.

Before if you were a sci-fi author, a horror author, or fantasy author, then that is what you were as an author—period. Traditional publishers wouldn’t allow you to publish outside of your “brand.” If you did mystery, they wouldn’t want to hear about your fantasy trilogy.

I didn’t set out to do what I’m doing now as an author. Again, it was just supposed to be one book—write it, publish it, and check it off my annual “New Years’ List” for 2013.

Thrillers In All Time and Space
Last fall, I updated my author website to move away from solely my After Eden series to “Thrillers in All Time and Space” listing other genres too. In 2015, I will release much more than just sci-fi, though most of my work will probably be science fiction. From an artistic standpoint, my creative energy is being allowed to run as wild as it wants to. From a business standpoint, we will see how this all shakes out in terms of readership. Again, I have evolved into a one-man writing machine—even I have wondered if I’m an android or “is this my super power.”

However, the other thing I’m anxious to do is help other authors. I’ve done training and speaking before in the corporate world and after this little experiment of mine, it would be great to share what I’ve learned. I very much would like to “give back” to my new Fellowship of Writers that I am now a member of. But that’s next year. Let’s focus on all the writing fun for 2015.


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