Cover Reveals – Liquid Cool 2019!

Grab your laser pistols because I finished writing the last of the Liquid Cool novels for my 2019 Blitz. Wait. Didn’t I say in my last blog post on May 3rd that I was done writing? Well, I was, but then I decided to write one more for my Kindle Unlimited Liquid Cool “Crazy Maniac Files” mini-series. I didn’t want the first novel of the mini-series to be so lonely.

That means four new Liquid Cool novels!

  • Biopunk Blues (Liquid Cool, Book 7)
  • The Moon Is A Good Place to Die (Liquid Cool, Book 8)
  • Write Me a Murder on Jules Verne’s Island: A Liquid Cool Cozy Murder Mystery (Book 9)
  • Digital Samurai (Liquid Cool: From the Crazy Maniac Files, Book 2)

So what’s the plan?

  • Editing
  • Proofreads
  • Launch VIP Team (for all who signed up)
  • General VIP Members (for all who signed up)
  • General Release to the Public

(Then Writing Blitz PHASE TWO: Fabled Quest Chronicles, but don’t tell anybody)

The launch dates will be announced. As always, my VIP members get to read novels first. General release of the novels also means new giveaways are coming.

Featured here are three of the four new Liquid Cool Covers. What do you think? Leave your comments below:

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  1. Hi Austin, I’m a big fan of the Liquid Cool series! Keept churning them out! One day I’m going to send you a list of actors who play the parts of those characters in my head. It may make you chuckle : ) Not really feeling the Digital Sumurai cover. I ran across this website with some very cool illustrations, and perhaps there’s some inspiration to be found there:
    P.S.: please know that no matter the artwork, I’m there for the stories!

  2. I like The covers for digital samurai and biopunk blues a lot. The moon is a Good place to die is not as appealing to me. Some strange mixture of James Bond and Heinleins old cover…

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