Your Favorite Character, Client, or Villain in the Liquid Cool Universe…so far

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Red Rabbit, Blade Gunner, NeuroDancer, the Ripper, Ichi Jumper, Venn Diagram, Classic Cyborg, the Electric Lady, Mr. Viper, Mr. T., and the list goes on. Those may be the clients and villains, but there are also the Cruz regulars like Phishy, P.J., China Doll, the Wans, Run-Time, and Cruz Jr.! With any good series, the richness of the world is not only the main characters but all the recurring ones, in addition to new ones we meet–good, bad, and in-between–in one of Cruz’s many crazy cases. (Was there really a guy named Jabba the Butt?) Who knew being a street detective in the future, supercity of Metropolis could be so dangerous and so much fun? That's why we like this sci-fi detective thriller series. It's cyberpunk reimagined, or cyber-noir–with lots of action and laughs!

Comment below with your Favorite Liquid Cool character, client or villain. And don’t forget to tell us Why?

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Austin Dragon

Author of over 20 books in science fiction, fantasy, and classic horror. His works include the epic fantasy Fabled Quest Chronicles, the cyberpunk detective Liquid Cool series, the international epic After Eden Series, and the classic Sleepy Hollow Horrors. He is a native New Yorker but has called Los Angeles, California home for more than twenty years. Words to describe him, in no particular order: U.S. Army, English teacher, one-time resident of Paris, political junkie, movie buff, Fortune 500 corporate recruiter, renaissance man, and dreamer.

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  1. The one that really stands out for me is Classic Cyborg. He brought the best and worst or the entire ensemble – could easily see him in a TV show back story (same could be said for PJ). Love everyone else too (or I wouldn’t keep reading), but to single one character out, Classic Cyborg.

  2. Outside the villans and I’m drawn to those who help define Cruz, whether secret agents or long time friends.
    So it would be between Run time and Wilfred G
    Both started him on the path to success and both kept him on the right track with advice and leadership giving him hope and support when he needed it. Would he have succeeded as well if he didn’t have these guides, I dont think so , so for me its perhaps Wilfred G the sometimes absent mentor ,but never really gone when you have his bible.

  3. It is definitely All Cruz, All the Time. As a former owner of a one man Private Detective Agency and one of the first true Cyber Detectives in the beginning age of the Internet, we have a lot in common (except killing bad guys To Infinity and Beyond)

  4. Cruz, the guy who is to cool for school, the bedrock of the Liquid Cool storyline is who we want to hear about. Definitely a man born much to late in history, but I’m glad he is in a future balancing evil when he can. Doing what he wants, his way, just awesome. Cruz’s spear of influence characters are great too, makes his world just a little bigger

  5. Hands down, Cruz; he is living out the epic fantasy of living in the Metropolis super-city as a street detective. The thrill of the danger in the city itself holds and the villains that come with the cities fun.

  6. Can only be the one and original Cruz. Who else would keep me engrossed in what adventures we will be having together next?

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