Cover Reveal: Siren Storms of Madness (Fabled Quest Chronicles, Book 5)

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It's almost here! The release of the fifth Fabled Quest Chronicles novel, Siren Storms of Madness, will be on May 4th

They began their caravan in the Lands of Man. They traveled through Faë-Land Minor–the land of fairies and sprites, then across Faë-Land Major–the land of centaurs, elves, and goblins. They almost died in the Great Forest.  Yet, none of those magical regions were as dangerous or vast as the Oceanus Omnis–the ocean realms ruled by merfolk, water fae, sirens, and sea monsters.

But what of the Four Kings and their dark allies who hunt them?

And what dangers lurk beneath the near-bottomless depths of these ancient oceans?

Join Traveler and company on the final leg of their quest to the fabled kingdom of Atlantea. PRE-ORDER BOOK FIVE HERE TODAY!

From Book Description Page

“We sail to the fantastic Kingdom of Atlantea at Last!”

The Fabled Quest Chronicles continues in Book Five of the epic fantasy adventure series—warrior mermaids, storm-summoning sirens, and sea serpents large enough to rise and block out the sun.

What do you think of the cover to Book Five?

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  1. I think the cover for Book 5 is very captivating! I’m definitely more interested in reading it as a result of the cover for it.

  2. the brightness of the colours and the way the image has been computerised, reminds me of those casual hidden object games; maybe the plot of this book could be used to make a nice and enjoyable videogame

  3. It’s a “how the heck are they going to get out of this mess” pic for sure. Great Job

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