These Mean Streets, Darkly (A Liquid Cool Prequel)

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NEW RELEASE! Yes, the prequel to my upcoming cyberpunk detective series, Liquid Cool, is here! You can read the free excerpt HERE and/or get your copy today HERE. It’s to hold you over until Liquid Cool is released. It will be my genre blend of science fiction (specifically, cyberpunk) and mystery (specifically, detective thriller) which happen to be two of my …

Serious Science Fiction: The Digital Technology Time Bomb?

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Is it just me or the number of hacks into public databases seem to be growing? Even more disturbing is that it’s not merely mom-and-pop businesses, but multi-national corporations; and it’s not just some local government office but the Social Security Administration, the FBI, and even the White House. Article: Hackers stole Social Security Numbers from 21.5 Million, Gov’t Admits …

My July 2015 Summer Reading Offerings to You!

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For those in America, I hope you had a great July 4th holiday! Well, now that we’re back the theme for this month is Summer Reading! I’m featuring three selections for your consideration—two new and one re-release as part of my “triple-feature” campaign. First is the latest of my ongoing After Eden science fiction series with Pure Conspiracy.   Pure …

Name Reveal!

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My new cyberpunk detective story has a name–Liquid Cool! Danger lurks around every corner in the fifty-million-plus over-city of Metropolis for our detective hero. It’s my reimagined take on the sci-fi sub-genre of cyberpunk. So is it retro neo-cyberpunk? Or Neo retro-cyberpunk? You decide. The novel and its prequel are on their way. Enjoy! #Cyberpunk #ScienceFiction #SciFi

The Two-Headed Snake Part II: Uber-Governments

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Sir Ridley Scott’s 1984 Apple Commercial. — one of greatest commercials of all time (and before he was ‘Sir’) “A Garden of Pure Ideology…We Are One People…We Shall Prevail!”   Now we’re in a world that has depth and reality to me. Not a cyberpunk universe of just evil mega-corporations. A complex cyberpunk universe of mega-corporations and uber-governments. Besides not …

The Two-Headed Snake Part I: Mega-Corporations

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Alien. Robo-Cop. Just a couple of the science-fiction movies where dastardly mega-corporations rule. But that rule is never benevolent–always for profit and power. There is never a concern for the average Joe or Jane on the street. Cyberpunk fiction amplified the portrayal of the corporation (maybe, even capitalism) as the bad guy. Well, I have never been anti-capitalist. I knew people …

Serious Science Fiction: Robots Are Going to Steal Your Job!

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For June, 2015 I’m going to continue with cyberpunk as this month’s theme, that sub-genre of science fiction that has a very grim, dark, seedy view of our collective future. I will soon publish my take on the sub-genre which I outlined in my blog post last month titled: Cyberpunk Re-imagined – you can click HERE to view it. Basically, …

Cyberpunk Reimagined

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Yes, I’m writing a new science fiction series in a sub-genre called cyberpunk. Authors like Philip K. Dick and William Gibson are the most famous; the singular greatest movie of the genre is Ridley’s Scott’s classic Blade Runner from 1982. A few months back, I surveyed my own list of readers and fans to be surprised by the interest in …