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The next Liquid Cool novels are coming!

Last year I, released my (sci-fi) cyberpunk detective series, Liquid Cool. I released the prequel, These Mean Streets, Darkly first, and then the debut novel. The response has been awesome.

Here are some of the Liquid Cool reviews:


“It’s Blade Runner Meets the Maltese Falcon!”

Lots of shooting, lots of crazy maniacs, lots of action and fun!”

“I loved this book. It takes place in the future, and what a weird future.”

“A funny, intelligent (and sometimes crazy) main character…playing detective”

“Cool and Smooth.”

So what’s next for Cruz, the detective, in the rainy supercity of Metropolis in a world of colossal super-skyscrapers, hovercars, and cyborgs? Well, you’ll be able to read for yourself in March with the release of the next three novels in the Liquid Cool series. Yes, three!

They are:

Blade Gunner (Liquid Cool, Book 2)
NeuroDancer (Liquid Cool, Book 3)
The Electric Sheep Massacre (Liquid Cool, Book 4)


You can still get the prequel, These Mean Streets, Darkly for FREE here, if you don’t have it yet.

Now you know the names of the next exciting Liquid Cool novels–more action, more crazy maniacs, more fun.

Based on the names alone, which titles are you looking for?

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Austin Dragon

Austin Dragon

Author of over 20 books in science fiction, fantasy, and classic horror. His works include the epic fantasy Fabled Quest Chronicles, the cyberpunk detective Liquid Cool series, the international epic After Eden Series, and the classic Sleepy Hollow Horrors. He is a native New Yorker but has called Los Angeles, California home for more than twenty years. Words to describe him, in no particular order: U.S. Army, English teacher, one-time resident of Paris, political junkie, movie buff, Fortune 500 corporate recruiter, renaissance man, and dreamer.

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    How can anyone resist a title like “The Electric Sheep Massacre,”????? The title alone begs the bookophile to READ ME!!!!

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    Based on title alone, I would chose to read The Electric Sheep Massacre (Liquid Cool, Book 4). Sounds funny.

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    To many great ones to choose from,I will be reading them all.
    Nothing beats reading to escape,if only for a little while.😊

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    Neurodancer would be the name that catches my eye the most. Reminds me of Gibsons VR stuff. And I’m a VR nut. Hehe

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    I’m going to read them all, but I love the title NeuroDancer (Liquid Cool, Book 3). I just envision a dancing cyborg (aka Austin Powers’ Fembots). LOL

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    I will invest time into reading Liquid Cool series..It sounds like out of this world like..and i really can not wait to start doing this…Beyond..

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    I would read Liquid Cool first because it’s the first book in the series. I really like the cover which caught my eye. I have so many books to read and so little time to read them.

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    Blade Gunner and if I liked that I would read the other two. I like to start with the first book in a series.

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    I would read Neuro Dancer it sounds like it’s going to keep me intrigued can’t wait to read why she hired him.

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    I can’t wait to read the new books. The 1st was so good I’ve been waiting to see how the story continues.

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    I think based only on the name I would read NeuroDancer. I never heard of cyberpunk before. Now I am intrigued.

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    Wow, long load time. Lots of content. Maybe a better format can be had for better viewing. Thanks for the chance to comment my critique 😀 Cheers.

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    NeuroDancer is quite the clever name and leaves a lot of space to imagination regarding the contents and plot

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    Definitely NeuroDancer! I can’t wait to see how the title relates to the story, it could be really interesting!

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    They all sound great. But just like with TV shows, I don’t start book series halfway through So I’d have to start at the VERY beginning with These Mean Streets, Darkly.

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    Neurodancer is the one I would read first. I’m from a dance family and it sounds interesting. Thanks!

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    When faced with many reading options I reach for the book with the most intriguing title. You’ve done it! Liquid Cool drew me in. Way to go!

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    Really? Um The Electric Sheep Massacre without a doubt! Of course, one has to read the others first just to get to that one 🙂

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    I think the electric sheep title is the funniest – but I’d expect some sort of reference (even veiled) to the androids dream of electric sheep (which is where I assume the name came from?)

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    I want to read the entire series as I love they are discribed as “It’s Blade Runner Meets the Maltese Falcon!” Most especially NeuroDancer intrigues me hugely!

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    I love reading stories that gave me thrill in my life… I have a quiet life and reading those kind of book gave me some adventures!

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    I am so glad there are more Liquid Cool novels. I have the prequel and #1, but still have to get the remaining books. Can’t wait. Thank you.

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    I would read, The Electric Sheep Massacre because it sounds like it would be science fiction and I love syfy and horror:)

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    Based on the name alone I would read The Electric Sheep Massacre. The reason why is that it is intriguingly different.

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    Based on the book names alone I’d probably choose to read The Electric Sheep Massacre first, that sounds really intriguing. However I know I like reading my books in order so in real life I’d actually read Blade Gunner first. 🙂

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    I’m amazed that you are releasing three novels in the Liquid Cool series at the same time – that is quite a feat I’d say. 🙂

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    The Electric Sheep Massacre sounds the most interesting to me. It makes me ask what the book will be about; is the title a metaphor? What is it a metaphor for? Only one way to find out!

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    They all sound wonderful, but The Electric Sheep Massacre does it biggest for me. I’ll tell you if it lived up to my expectations once I’m finished reading them all!

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