Austin’s Writing Madness. What’s Next?

With half the year gone, my VIP Readers’ Club Members got the full rundown of current and future writing projects. I did something similar last year, so maybe it’ll be an annual email.

So what is next?

This is my 5th year as a published author and I already have 15 unique book titles—and the year isn’t even over yet.

Liquid Cool. My sci-fi/Cyberpunk detective thriller series has gotten three new titles this year and by the Fall there will two more. It will be a nice arc for our hero detective who “fell” into the private investigation world of the supercity of Metropolis. Nothing has been the same since. Next month I’ll write an expansive blog post on the upcoming Liquid Cool novels.

Horror. I may not add to my Sleepy Hollow Horrors series until next year, but I decided to do something fun with my VIP Readers’ Club Members. I’m going to write a horror anthology, and they’re going to be characters in the stories. It also seems I have an over-representation of fans and readers who love zombies. But the anthology will be much more and will be my last book release for 2017.

Fantasy. Game of Thrones is all the rage, however, I am not one of those fans of the television series—very much the opposite. (Can’t comment yet on the books because after 4 years, I haven’t read the first book year which is sitting on my bookshelf—I have a problem reading books longer than 600 pages.) I never intended to do a fantasy series, though I have always been a Lord of the Rings fan–but I’m doing this one. Actually, I took the idea from a series I wanted to do and blended it with fantasy to make it even better.  I already wrote Book One and half of Book Two. I’ll kick off 2018 with this series.

After Eden.  The international sci-fi thriller series was my first and for my first two years, my only series. Three main novels and three companion novels with one or books in the following sub-genres: Christian Futuristic Fiction, Religious Science Fiction, Science Fiction Horror, and Cyberpunk. It started in America moved to Mexico, then to Russia. The series, set a century in the future, is the people and events leading to WW III.

However, I’ll admit it: I’ve been stalling. Why? I didn’t I was good enough as a writer for the next phase of books. Let’s say I’m a movie director and I successfully did a war episode on some historical fiction series. Now, I have to do the major movie picture version along the lines of John Ford’s The Longest Day and Steven Speilberg’s Saving Private Ryan.  My series goes from leading up to WWIII to being in the horror of it all. There’s more but needless to say, I’m ready. The idea for the multi-release of my Liquid Cool books came from wanting to do the same with my next After Eden novels. I already know when I start writing Book 4 that I won’t be able to stop until I finish Book 7, so I had to do a run-through. Those books will release in 2018.

Bottom-line is 2018 will be my busiest ever, but we’re still in 2017 and there’s plenty to do right now. So if you haven’t sampled any of my work yet–two books of my Liquid Cool series are free everywhere and one from After Eden series.


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