Ask the Author: August 2017

As an author, I am very accessible to readers and fans. I make it easy to contact me with questions, comments, or suggestions. So, I’m not doing this special “outreach” for only this month. I’ve done this ever since I published my first book almost 5 years ago. However, I do want to take this month to highlight reader questions to the public here on my website.

Question from Doris:

When is the next Liquid Cool book coming out? Love this series!
I’ll be doing the big announcement next month, but to answer your question directly: October 6!

Question from Tony:

How long have you been writing & how do you come up with the [ideas for] your books?

I wrote my first book at 3 years old, was writing mystery novels in middle school (never published), but then when I graduated from high school that was it—for over 15 years!

As to my ideas, they come from everywhere. It could be an event, a desire to put my own spin on a favorite story or genre, the idea could just come to me in the middle of the night. There is never any shortage of ideas for me, and I never have writer’s block. The creative juices are always flowing.

Question from Scott

Why Liquid Cool for a name? And what brought you to the Liquid Cool world and why did you go with an OCD personality?

I’ve written previous blog post articles about Liquid Cool when I first introduced the new series back in 2016. I can’t remember where I came up with “Liquid Cool” from. It just came to me and I said “what a great name for a series!” Liquid Cool was to be a polar opposite series from my After Eden Series. I love both of them—After Eden would be the very serious sci-fi (the people and events leading to WW III) and Liquid Cool would be the crazy, fun, action sci-fi (and also blend another favorite genre, the mystery detective).

For any who have read the Liquid Cool series, it starts out in a unique way; the hero, Cruz, is not even a detective yet. We do meet Cruz, and a great cast of characters that are in his life. I don’t know how he came to be a germophobe with OCD tendencies. Why does he wear a tan fedora and coat, when the public wears blacks and grays? How did I come up with the idea of him building his own hovercraft as a kid? The answer to those questions are more is: that’s just the way I envisioned him. He and the entire world of Liquid Cool just revealed themselves to me.

Question from Linda

Would love to know where all your ideas come from in your Sci-Fi and Horror anthologies?  Dream about them?  Sit back and think?  

Most of the ideas for my stories simply come to me out of nowhere—I’d say 90% of the time, which is why I always make sure I have a notebook nearby handy to jot down the ideas. Lately, I’ve been seeing what I could do with creative talents beyond that by saying to myself: “come up with a story on topic X.” Actually, Liquid Cool came out of that direction. I wanted a fun, sci-fi-detective genre blend for a new series. I came up with Cruz and company. The same is true with my year-end Horror Anthology, which actually has to input of my VIP Readers’ Club Members—like you!


Got more questions for me? Send them my way and I’ll feature them in this post!


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