A Writer’s Retreat in August 2016

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When I lived in Paris for year as a young 20-something I was introduced to a perennial European custom – the “Grandes Vacances.” During the month of August, it seemed like everybody vacated the city, except for the tourists.

Well, I’m doing something similar this August.

The first half of 2016, I have spent more time on the business of my writing life than actual writing. But I don’t have one book whirling around inside my head demanding to be set free; I have three of them. (Actually, I have a lot) So, I’m off on my own writers’ retreat to return after Labor Day in September.

I’ll be around answering any of your emails as normal and I’m going to do a series of “Ask the Reader” articles for my VIP Readers’ Club to see which of my new upcoming series you think I should do first (Yes, sign up to become a member if you aren’t one yet and get three free books just because I like the cut of your jib).

Also, for those of you “after me”, yes, one of those new books for this year will be Liquid Cool #2 in my crazy cyberpunk detective series. For my After Eden fans, the other will be the next installment in the epic sci-fi, international series.

So until September 6th, I’m going to do what Cruz, the detective, did in Liquid Cool #1. I’m locking myself away in “the box” to get a ton of writing done. See you then with Name Reveals, Cover Reveals, new books, and new surprises!

(The word cloud above will also give you some clues as to what’s coming next year)

Off to do a ton! of writing,


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