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banner_2I may never have written a word of fiction in more than 15 years, but there was never a time that the ideas were not flowing. Why this seven-book series, with at least two companion novels, would ‘force’ me to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), I don’t know? It’s a beast. Over seventy years in the future, covering almost forty-years of time, following not just people but groups, immersing the reader in the politics, religion, culture, and technology of this future; and if that isn’t enough, topping it all off with World War III. This is a series you do near the end of a career, not at the beginning.

I’m sure I’m not the only writer who has gone through this, but I was overwhelmed to put it lightly. It was like setting out to create Mount Everest by hand, pebble by pebble. One of the reasons I structured the books as I did, at least for the first few–one book with two distinct, but complementary sections–was for my own mind to be able to wrap itself around a million moving parts.

The best way to describe this science fiction thriller is cerebral. It will entertain you, make you chuckle a few times, but you have to pay attention, and it will make you think. The first book (Thy Kingdom Fall) also had the added burden of having to set the foundation for all six subsequent books.

Here’s some insight on the books that I have never shared before:

Volume I: The Resistance

  • Book 1: Sections 1 and 2
  • Book 2: Sections 1 and 2
  • Book 3: Section 2
  • Book 4: Sections 1 and 2

Volume II: Foundations of WWW III

  • Book 3: Section 1
  • Tek-Fall: Metal Flesh and Hell’s Menagerie
  • (Another companion novel)
  • Book 5: Sections 1


  • Book 5: Section 2
  • Book 6
  • Book 7


Hell's Menagerie 600 X 800The reason I created the novellas, Metal Flesh (Episode I) and Hell’s Menagerie (Episode II) was not to give additional insight into the story line, spend more time with characters we liked, or foreshadow more things to come in the days of the future World War III—all which it does splendidly. Honestly, it was to create a two-book series so that I could give away for a crowdfunding campaign I was planning to do.

So marketing considerations was the catalyst to artistic endeavors. I doubt it will be the last time, but the Tek-Fall series is important in two very important regards:

1)      Test Drive the Series. It’s an excellent way to introduce new readers to the After Eden Series. Maybe, they don’t want to take a chance on a seven-book series, with the first book being over 400 pages (paperback). Maybe, they’re unsure of how religious it is or how political it is. They need a little bit more of an inducement. A 100-page novella is an excellent option for a reader to be able to try out the series to see if they like it before investing the time in the entire series. For those already immersed in the Series, it is an extra treat to see previous characters again and see other plots unfold.

2)      Explore Other Themes. Metal Flesh explores the concept of “living” robots—or at least that’s what they call their next-generation of autonomous, quantum robots, and Hell’s Menagerie explores “man-made” monsters. Advanced robotics, genetic engineering and manipulation, and cloning all take center stage.

The Tek-Fall duology takes place before the events of Rising Leviathan (Book #3). Also, they may be novellas of 100 pages each (combined together in the Tek-Fall novel) and meant to be a fun read, but we know that what takes place will have dramatic ramifications when World War III explodes three decades later.

One side-note: A reader asked me: “Won’t key characters be too old.” The series takes place seventy, eighty, almost a century in the future—the human lifespan will be much longer—for many, living into the “three digits” will be the norm. As one character joked in Book #1, “ninety is the new fifties.”

However, sadly, none of that will matter when their first, great Tek-war ravages the world.

The cover of the combined Tek-Fall series novel will be revealed next month in March.

Hell’s Menagerie is available for Pre-Order now. Both Hell’s Menagerie (Episode II) and Tek-Fall will be on sale 3.30.15. Metal Flesh (Episode I) is available now or you can currently get for free by joining my VIP Readers’ Club.

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