And the Winner Is? (My Next New Series)

Last month, I had asked my readers and fans by email and in (my previous) blog post to help me pick the project that would be my next series. I have three now: The After Eden Series (sci-fi), The Sleepy Hollow Horrors (classic horror/paranormal), and Liquid Cool (cyberpunk/detective thriller). Overwhelming, the choice was for…fantasy!

I was surprised but one respondent I think put his finger on it: “there hasn’t been a good one in a long time.” Right now it seems that whenever you say fantasy people either think of Lord of the Rings (love it) or Game of Thrones (hate it).

So that’s my writing challenge which I’ll be engaged in for the entire month of November for NanoWriMo. Some of you might be saying, “Austin, you can’t map out an entire world for a good, or even decent, fantasy series and write 50,000 words in month.” Yes, I agree completely. You can’t. But this fantasy project of mine was mapped out and outlined two years ago! I actually wrote the first chapter back in 2014, but then got sidetracked by two other projects (one of which was Liquid Cool) so I filed it away. The novel is ready to go and has been for these past couple of years.  Now it’s time to write…and I’ll be doing a lot of that for NanoWriMo and in the months to follow.

P.S. Oh yeah, since my last name is Dragon, there will be no dragons in my fantasy novel. Just not doing that, sorry. But don’t worry. It’ll still be good though and fantasy mythology has lots of creatures to choose from.

P.P.S. For those who picked the other two choices, don’t worry. They’ll be written afterwards.

Which monster would you like to see in my fantasy novel? Comment below.

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