Where’s My Liquid Cool T-Shirt?

When I published the debut novel of my sci-fi detective series, Liquid Cool back in 2016, I added something as a joke. Here’s an excerpt:

He disappeared out the door and began to close it.

“Wait,” I yelled.

He popped back in.

“What’s he wearing?”

I pointed to one of the sidewalk johnnies, who stopped his kicking and stood up straight. Under his jacket, he was wearing a T-shirt of me! My face and wearing my tan fedora.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“That’s you,” the johnny said, beaming. “Cruz, the People’s Detective. The Detective of the Revolution. Liquid Cool Rules Metropolis!”

All I began to say was, “What the—”

When I got back inside, my Pops opened his jacket, and he was wearing a T-shirt of me. My Ma had one in her little purse. Even the Wans opened their jackets to reveal they had them on, too.

“What the heck.”

“They’re selling them in the lobby and on the street in front of the building,” Dot said.

“I’m being franchised.” I looked up. “Phishy!” I looked at PJ.

“Don’t look at me, boss,” she said. “It’s exactly what he would do. You’re a public figure, now, so you better get used to it.”

“Public figure? I am not a public figure. They can’t franchise me.”

“Oh, non. We’re stupid!” PJ ran to her mobile computer. “We need to be franchising you, too. I’ll have a shopping portal up on our virtual storefront in five minutes. We’ll sell the official Liquid Cool T-shirts and hats, too. I need to get paid, so this will bring in a steady income stream.”

“How are people franchising me? What’s going on? I’m a private person.”

My parents and Dot’s parents burst out laughing.

“Why am I being laughed at? Laughed at by even my own parents.”

“You need to catch up on the news,” Dot said.

I shook my head.


“What?” I yelled back.

I walked over to PJ’s home workstation and she pointed to her mobile computer.

“Wait, what did you just have on the screen?”


“I saw ‘Le Liquid Cool.’ What’s that?”

“It my on-screen translator.”

“It’s not ‘Le Liquid Cool’ or ‘El Liquid Cool’ or anything else in front of it. It’s Liquid Cool.”

Well, readers and fans wanted the real thing. So here they are HERE!

Grab a Mug and stuff too while you’re at it HERE!

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